Cali Christmas Meet?

Dude, the Atlanta Aquarium may get a visit from The Mints sometime. Those whale sharks are where it’s at, yo!

…but that’s off topic. Have fun finding a place to trash in the Golden State! :smiley:

(and Sin, the bitch? That’s way cold, man, lol.)

You could fly in and we go to the AA.

Vicki, I could go on for hours about my whore of an ex. You guys didn’t trash Kero’s last year, did you?

yeah I’ll be in Boston for the summer too in all likelihood.

I’ll be in Montreal most of the summer, but I’ll be taking a couple weeks right after my classes are over (that’s what I meant).

ah, well when are your classes over in May? If it coincides nearly with my finals schedule I could probably delay my return to the East by a few days.

No, McGill is retarded. Arrrgh!

hahaha, they aren’t over until June? That sucks dude.

End of June. And we start again in August. Urgh, I can’t wait to start my PhD.

seriously? That’s fucked up. I guess at law school we get a longer summer because we’re supposed to be working in our field and slowly worming our way into permanent jobs.

Nah, we trashed Frame’s place in the '04 summer. I still feel kinda bad about that.

Kero’s place got pretty messy (SG spilled some Cherrio’s on the carpet), but I made sure it got all cleaned up. Frame’s place would have been cleaned up if I didn’t have work during the meet.

i have a big house

we should tolly have RPGCanada meet

Setz, continue posting off topic and spamming the forums and we’ll ban you AGAIN and for a VERY long time.

Explain to me how it was off-topic. You guys are talking about an RPGC meet for the winter (December to January), and I was offering, since I have a rather large house, that maybe you all can use my house for an RPGC meet.

Because you’re not in Cali and it’s a Cali meet, not a Canadian meet.

And Merl, I’mma hunt you down this summer. >:O

Because this isn’t about a meet in Toronto, but about California and because you saying you’ll host a meet is more bullshit we’re used to hearing from you since you obviously don’t know what it implies.