Calculus questions.

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Okay, I got pretty much a test tomorrow (well, exam), and I usually ask the experts at RPGC how a question should be solved so I know what to do for the test/exam/quiz/whatever.

My first calculus thread was about geometric series/sequences.
My second calculus thread was about limits, and continuity.
Now my third is about derivatives and tangents.

Last week I was absent for pretty much 4/5 of my calculus classes due to illness, so I missed out; and the teacher is a stickler for not giving out missed notes, 'cause it’s a waste of her time. I understand derivatives and such, but quotient/product rules, chain rules, First Principles, and pretty much tangents on the whole I don’t quite get.

So here’s a little bit of questions. I’ve answered questions 1, 2, and 6, and nine. Those deal with derivatives and product/quotient rules, but the rest is on tangents. This is a review paper.

  1. Find all points where the tangent at (-1,10) to the curse y=x^3 + x^2 - 8x + 2 meets the curve. The tangent meets at many points.

  2. The curves with equations y= 4/x + 2, and y= ax^2 + bx + c have the following properties.

Common point; x=2
Common tangent; x=2
Both curves pass through (1,6)

Find values of a, b, c.

  1. Find area of a triangle formed by the three points where the slopes of the tangent lines to the curve y=x^4 = 2x^2 + 4 at zero at those points.

  2. Differenciate implicitely.
    a) y^2 = x+y / x-y
    b) [x^3 / y^3] + [y^3 / x^3] = 1

  3. Determine the slop of the tangent line to the curve of x^3 + 2xy - y^3 = 0, at 1,-1.

  4. this is too long to write

That’s pretty much all of basic differential calculus. Get notes from one of your friends and read them.

Okay, my uni friend tutor guy told me how to do most of it.

Now it’s just differentiating implicitally. I pretty much got it, except for isolating y’.

Yeah, this thread served it’s purpose.

I think we need a “Setz Needs Help On Math Homework Forum”

For future reference though, you really shouldn’t ask problems until you’ve at least attempted them.

I did attempt them. I attempted them during class. I haven’t even done any of these questions yet, I just know somewhat how to do them. My friend told me some formulai, and what to plug in, and gave me an example.

He said he wouldn’t be on MSN this evening, so I wouldn’t be able to ask him, so I asked here; but then he came on suprisingly, so this thread didn’t have any purpose anymore.