cait sith's sprite problem round 3

I would like to make a rpgc christmas speacial flash video but the problem is i dont know how…again.

so could any one point me to flash video maker or something? please. :moogle:

Oh Christ. Not Flash. You’re not going to learn how to use Flash by Christmas, and most decent Flash movies take a lot of skill. I took a 3 month class on it and I didn’t pick up a whole lot. Try doing something easier.

I didnt have trouble with flash, although, I was in school for it.

We hand drew the frames and scanned them into flash and used it for the animation tool…

Anyway… Um, yeah, I’d suggest (if you dont know how to do flash) make a big animated GIF. Or start reading online tutorials, that’ll do better than asking us.

Ok whats something easier thats like a flash video?

Izlude I thought about that but if I make one slip up while putting in a frame then I have to start all over. I need something that allwos me to edit mistakes. :moogle:

Yea Izlude, I took it in school, too. Mostly just frames and buttons and stuff. Not a whole lot of action scripting.