cait sith's sprite problem round 2!!

I think I have finaly gotten the hang of making sprites.

so i was wondering if someone could teach me how to make moving sprites…please.

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Did you make the one you have now?

And making moving sprites isn’t difficult all you have to do is just alter the posistion of the pixels for each frame, and do it in such a way so that the changing of the sprites looks like the sprite is actually moving. It’s a very complicated thing, because you would have to alter all parts of the sprite that would move when it moves.

Ok let me rephrase that.
I have figured put how to show gif pictures on the net without a white box.
(thanks to yar other rpgc members)

Now I would like to know how to make moving gif pictures. Is there some program I need? :moogle:

Yes, a GIF animator program. The best one for this (I have found) is Animagic GIF Animator. Get an early version of this program; it’s easy to use, doesn’t stop working after 30 days, and best of all, it doesn’t insert an ad into the top left corner of your GIF.

great where can Iget it?

is there a place where i can download it? :moogle:

I gave you the gist (jist?) of what making a moving sprite entails. Granted, I didn’t really answer your question, but my information was valuable since I’m guessing you didn’t know it anyway.

Gist. you had it right.

Yeah i already knew that.

But thanks for telling me anyway.

So where can i get this gif animator program? :moogle:,fid,3499,00.asp

If you want to go a step above that, buying a copy of Adobe Image Ready (which comes with photoshop, I believe) is a very wonderful tool. I used it to edit my cammy gif that I use in my avatar.

But if they not gifts? my sprites are png how i can give them moves?

Well, first you’ll have to learn how to opperate a keyboard and type understandable sentences. Next, you’ll need to realize that a gif isnt a gift.

Finally, PNGs arent animated, you’ll need to make a GIF out of your PNGs, if you are making it out of downloaded sprite frames then just- aw hell, I dont want to explain this to someone who is too lazy to register an account at this great website.

Izlude also needs to learn that he doesn’t have the right to be a fucking asshole cause he has 800 posts :confused:

Anyways, my vocabulary’s pretty limited but I’ll try to explain it to you: .png files can’t be animated, they can be used as a part of an animation. Get an animation program (like… uh, I think there’s one called ‘animation shop’, I don’t remember), and use it to merge 2 or more .png files, and make a .gif animation out of them.

In my experiences, Macromedia’s Fireworks actually has the best animation feature. It might be pricey depending on how you get it, but I think it’s very much worth it. Very easy to use with many features.

And Izlude, don’t be such an ass. The guy was just asking for help.

But Hades said when I get over 600 posts I can start acting like an asshole. Blame him!

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