I’m wondering whether caffeine has any particular long-term effects on a person, positive or negative. I’ve looked into it a little, expecting to find all sorts of cancers and heart diseases associated, but I was surprised to find none. I’ve only read about one danger: using it to stay awake when you need rest, repeatedly. Otherwise, as long as you make sure to get enough rest, it seems entirely safe. But I study humanities, not biology. Does anyone know more about the subject?

I’m not aware of any long term side effects to routine caffeine consumption.

Well caffine is hard to get outa your system when you want it out. Your body gets so used to it that when you cut off the resource (pop ect.) you can get major headaches and stuff of that sort. Plus this may not be true but it could effect how in shape you are and make you a little bit out of shape. Though this is my view.

Yellow teeth and addiction come to mind.

A side effect is that if you drink too much caffeine, there’ll be none for people around you.

It’s supposed to stunt your growth in the developing ages.
It somehow causes your system to leech calcium from your bones.

I think any negative long term effects would result from drinking too much caffiene and ignoring other things that are good for you.

See, that’s exactly what I’ve read about caffeine: a list of immediate, technical effects (which of course tells nothing about why people drink it), with some warnings about ingesting too much at once. It gives a vague sense that caffeine is a “bad” drug, but nothing in particular to make it one.

Caffeine is a diuretic. Drinking too much at once would dehydrate you. It’s probably not too good for your kidneys trhat way.

Anything that artificially raises your heart rate is bad for you.

actually, from what i learned in biology, our teacher being a health freak, says that growth stunting doesn’t happen. of course she herself is 5 foot nothin, so i’m not so sure…

Only thing I know is that if you’re a big caffeine drinker then you decide to not drink coffee for a long period of time then try to drink caffeine sometime later you can wind up with a bad headache.
Wow, run-on.

I don’t think it should be avoided for being diuretic. It’s not likedrinking it would make you pee untill you became a dried mummy. Beer is more diuretic than coffee, and there are billions of drinkers worldwide who don’t ever develop any problems with their bladders.

How about you look at this instead. It’s the same website, but it’s the main page for caffeine, instead of just what it does. There you can read experiences, research and journal articles, and other assorted things.

You don’t have problems drinking coffee on a beach. You have problems drinking alcohol on a beach. Thanks Ren.

Lex’ opinions are rather extreme and not really well founded.

Not all of us are doctorate bio students, Sin. We only have what The Street tells us.

And that’s why so many people are fucked up the health, Lex. You learn all kinds of bizarre things on the street and I could assemble a list with over a thousand of these. For this post I’ll coment just with the ones that’ve amused me the most: oregan will not give you a dope, hair won’t grow in hand palms and AIDS can infect people who are not gay, all of which go against Street Wisdom.

Well, for starters, the intense cravings for better types of moccha…

… Jubileum, President… Dark Toast…

Starts the coffeemachine


I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 5… And I’m 5’8.

So a cup a day from Monday to Friday won’t kill me? It’s either this or tea, but I need something to drink in the mornings before school.