Caffeine is my enemy. So is my brain.

I have succeeded in failing severely.

I rarely make a thread, and if I do, it’s not really something thorough. Well, here is something at least.

I recently got drunk and purchased a large amount of energy drinks. You know, that fizzy stuff with caffeine in it. Well, after buying a large amount (The specific amount is 5 litres. Don’t ask me why.), I realized I hate the stuff. Seriously. So now I needed a way to get rid of it. Nobody wanted to buy it off me, so I began drinking some of it. It would seem as if I can’t take caffeine very well… I am so hyped up I am twitching weirdly as I type.

You’re free to laugh at me.

You do know of course that you’re only supposed to drink a little of that stuff at a time, right? That’s why caffeinated energy drink cans are usually smaller than soda ones.

Also, I laugh heartily at you. ha ha ha.


I may be wrong, but isn’t mixing caffeine with alcohol dangerous to the heart or something? I hope you got sober before you went into the energizers.

Also, snickers

No, I don’t think mixing alcohol and caffeine is that dangerous. If it was we’d have scores upon scores of dead college students.

A lot of caffeinated drinks are used as chasers, so it probably isn’t deadly.

We’ll see who laughs last, Ms. “I’m feeling kinda buzzed” after a cup of coffee >:/

I’ve had too much of the stuff so it’s more like a bad habit than anything else. Won’t even suffer from withdrawal symptoms anymore.

Coffee AND tentacles. And low blood sugar. But yes, I was trippin’. XD

Hey now, even I was able to stomach vodka and Red Bull.

Hard liquor is best served alone.

My big experience with alcohol and caffeine wasn’t bad: 5 shots of Hot Damn 100, 5 shots of vodka, 6 jello shots, and two Monster energy drinks. The Monsters seemed to <i>help</i> me handle alcohol, although I probably lost a year of my life in the process.

Well, common folk lore has it that when someone’s drunk, you should give them something to eat that’s high in sugar. I used to think energy drinks were a bad mix due to caffeine or other stuff in it. But after talking to some more experienced people I know, I think I was wrong all the time.

Ah. To clear up misunderstandings…

I did not MIX them. While I was drunk, I bought the energy drinks (Too freakin’ much of them), and after that I drank some of it in an attempt to get rid of the stuff. Sorry.

Also yay, I made some people laugh!

Common folk lore is right, when people are drunk you give them sugar and laugh gleefully as the sugar facilitates the absorption of alcohol by the body :stuck_out_tongue:

Give the energy drinks to random people in the streets, gyms, to someone you particularly hate etc. I also disbelieve what you say in the last post; it’s no 666 and clearly misleading and/or evil.

Mix these drinks with someone else’s dog or cat’s water. Or if there’s a fountain which birds use, mix it there. Now that would be a scene.