Has anyone heard of this 80s-only band?
God… they kick so much ass.
There’s a copy of their song “Speed Metal Symphony” in a zip file here.
It’s truly a great song.
The band itself is classified as Neoclassical, and they had two albums. After that, one of the guitarists (Jason Becker) went with David Lee Roth, and the other one (Marty Friedman) joined Megadeth. Shortly after that, sadly, Jason Becker developed ALS, and he can no longer speak nor move any muscle in his body. Which is a great loss :frowning:

(ALS is a disease that infects the motor neurons… so you know the effects.)

Their singing sucks but they have l33t guitar power, from the songs you’ve sent me already. :smiley:

Yeah, the singer sucks high-hard tit. Other than that, the band kicks ass.

This is not Neo Classical.

Igor Stravinsky is Neo Classical. Phillip Glass is Neo Classical. This is metal (not to mention boring and self indulgent metal). =p

Loki, they’re considered ‘Neo Classical Metal’, like in the same vain as Yngwie Malmsteen.

And why don’t I get credit for introducing you to Cacophony, hmm Steve?

Jason Becker is one of the most incredible guitarists ever. I used to have a bunch of videos of him playing, and he can speed pick like no other.