C:\ Drive Problem

Hi, a few weeks ago, my C:\ Drive on My Computer had a blank icon. Then I clicked on it and it it asked what to associate it with.

What program am I supposed to associate the C:\ drive with? I tried Explorer and that is not right (it makes things VERY annoying)

And how do I fix the blank icon? I tried going to Tools - Folder Options - File Types but that does not affect anything.

Some people thought this was caused by the Fixblast worm. But I even ran two worm patches, and my updated virus scanner, and that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

Simple fix:

Reformat and reinstall.

He probably has a store bought computer, and thus doesn’t have any of the drivers that came with the computer, so it’s probably not as simple as reformat and reinstall.

Originally posted by Wertigon
[b]Simple fix:

Reformat and reinstall. [/b]
Yeah, reformatting is real simple. That’s why it’s a last resort. Hell, you don’t even have to reformat. Just install windows over windows.

Or better yet.

Install Linux :D.


Originally posted by Urkani
[b]Or better yet.

Install Linux :D.

:stuck_out_tongue: [/b]


Meh, Wert didn’t mention it, so the thread felt somehow… Empty.

Yes, it does have proper drivers. I reformatted it a while ago. I tried Linux befpre, too confusing for me