Bye WoW

I’m leaving World of Warcraft. I’m simply not as compelled I was when I first played it. It lasted 2 months, maybe the average of normal games. There was so many disappointments that left me with a sour taste.
The game was complex, well balanced, and well done. Every classes had their roles, and their own set of moves that differienced them beyond stats. Unfortunatly, for the class I wanted to play, Mage, things where not as grand as I’d like them to be.
The mage in WoW was reduced in nothing but a dumb ranged DPS. It lacked variety. It was just a nukebot. We had a red fireball, a blue fireball, a purple fireball. They differed a little, but in the end, it was just pure damage.
Elements had no role in WoW. Mages have Fire, Ice, and Arcane. Whats the big difference? Nothing. As it is right now, most mobs are neutral. Tossing fireballs or icebolts will result in the same thing, except ice will slow them a little.
I disliked that part, because being a mage for me was being able use those elements and weaknesses at my adventage. Thats what could split us from physical damage, like hunters.
I feel they shouldn’t had put wind and earth as nature. Wind and Earth are obviously not the same thing. Hey, fire and ice (Water) ain’t nature too? Leave us just with arcane maybe.
All the extras serve no purpose but to increase our damage, with the exception of counterspell and polymorph. We had no way to protect ourself, to take more distance, beside Frost Nova. But yeah, FN was great. Just, not enough. If I wanted a nukebot, I’d go back to D2. At least I’d have lightning back =/
The game I played before coming to WoW, Ragnarok Online, was closer to my vision of a wizard. It had more variety. Firewalls could keep mobs at bay, Quagmire slow them down, our main offensive spell -knockbacked-, we where able to put ice walls, and even safety walls. Access to all 4 elements, and the ability to use them efficiently made me jiggydy. I loved it, even if I kept remaking to test all skills.
Resists… they hinder me more than anything else. Why, I’m a class that do more damage than most should be. Can’t I use my only strenght to level efficiently? =/

The server was horrible. I’m not speaking about PvP. Once i hitted 35+, I could fight back against any horde I usually met, with various results. PvP -was- the funniest part of the game, it made me heart go a-pumping at best.
But the lag, and queue, from so many people in the server, is taking my toll on me. Raids can’T be succesful due to lag it creates. Trying to buy something in the AH took an hour to bid, and the mailbox wasn’t better.

When I first started playing, I believed they fixed the MMORPG issue with quests. Found out, most quests where all the same. Killing quests, collection quests, boss quest, and a few more. Only the linked quests really gave out a story.

And then, its kinda disheartening when those you’d want to play are either too high, or left for a lower server, and another faction.

I bought 2 months with a game card when I first started to play. I believe this was my tryout, and considering the little time left to play after work, I just can’t keep up with everyone.
Everyone that knows me, knows I play for fun. I’m no big powerplayer. But then again, playing alone isn’t always fun.

This is like a Greek tragedy

I called it.

Well Booken, I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving WoW. It was fun being with you at the raids though, especially the one we just did, but as I wouldn’t know to much about the Mage and what it can do, I will comment about the server Issues.

First, The server we are on is a High population server, so it’s going to have a lot of troubles in the first place, but even then, it’s slowly getting better, so I ask just to give it time. Also, raiding now is kinda pointless till the honor system is implemented, and the reason why it lags so much, is that we are raiding a area with lots of other people questing and stuff. Once Battlegrounds come out, it will be on a seperate server, so it will resolve alot of the lag caused by raiding.

Well, I guess that’s it, keep in mind that WoW will never erase your account and your mage, so if you ever want to come back, it will all still be there.

To those two dumbass who thought posting witty comments on my leaving thread could make their e-penis grow.

This no matter to laugh at. I’m saying goodbye to friends I played with. Is nothing sacred?

You can’t improve infinity. And you’re not saying goodbye to shit (except WoW, so yeah, I guess you’re saying goodbye to shit <_<) since everyone is still at RPGC, the people that will read that at least.

God could you be any more of a drama whore?

Just change to that other server where we’re being horde characters. No population problems there.

And as for elemental damage, yeah, WoW really doesn’t do much with that. But you tended to do waaaay to much DPS. Just because a mage can do damage doesn’t mean they should, in an elite dungeon where all that damage will make the elite enemies start charging at you…just do moderate damage to avoid getting aggro, and save the massive nuking for finishing off enemies when they go to run.

You really can’t complain about lag when there’s so many low-population servers

Leaving an MMORPG is not sacred. It’s just leaving a game that’d have enticed you and made you turn into a vegetable.

Stop trying to draw pity with your posts Booken. If you really wanted to say good bye to anyone you wouldn’t see anymore, you wouldn’t do it through a thread like this, particularly since the people who would read this thread aren’t those you’d be saying good bye to as you yourself have admitted they didn’t play with you.

I’d just like to keep people informed so those who I played with won’T go “wtf did you go?”

Switch to FFXI. It’s better.

As for what you said about quests, that’s MMORPG gaming for you, even WoW. No MMO, I repeat, no MMO is going to break the reputation about online quests. It’s always going to be kill this number of enemies, deliver this there, or kill that boss.

Lets follow it up with a Satyr play!

runs around dressed like a Satyr with a huge falice

For about a day. Are you still thick about it?

And at least with grinding, you choose your own path instead of repeating it all over for an alt.

Wait wait wait… Are you saying that you REALLY would rather have the game be Mob grinding based?!



ok I’m done.


I had an idea for one that would break the monotony of quests a little, but in turn the game would cost a subscription of $50 to pull off; firing a ‘writer’ or GM of sorts for every 50-ish players (give or take whatever amount, I’m not 100% familiar with MMORPG maintenance figures) that would keep some degree of track of said players, and would write specific quests for them time to time (well, the GMs would be full time, but they cant be 50 places at once can they? :D), and since the quests are so specific… well, it makes things more interesting wouldnt it?

Oh wait, Everquest had a service like that and failed. Nevermind.

600.000 (current WoW population) divided by 50, 12000 writers on staff. I really don’t think I need to touch on why that won’t work :stuck_out_tongue: