By the way

Ok, thanks guys. By the way, I know Cala, and Tenchimaru Draconis.:cool:

Not a problem, but you know you could have just put this as a reply in the thread you made eailer. Oh well, no big deal. Have a great day! :yipee:

Originally posted by Fanfictionee
Ok, thanks guys. By the way, I know Cala, and Tenchimaru Draconis.:cool:

By the way what?


My guess is he hit the “New Thread” button instead of the Reply button thingy.

<img src=“”> Uh, no offense, but are you stalking me or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s the guy that sold you the WW bonus discs

He wants your body TD.

Get in line.

You might know Tenchimaru Draconis, but do you know…

ominous chord

<img src=“”> Now now, people, there’s plenty TD to go around. takes off his shirt and swings it above his head

I know RPGDragon!
kicks RPGDragon in the ribs
Man, he sucked. I wonder what happened to him. TD came at about the same time, so I guess TD killed him for us. Yay TD.

<img src=“”> Yeah, I rock. You may all worship me now.

no thanks i have devoted all my worshipping energy to somebody else already

<img src=“”> You’ll be among the first up against the wall, I guarantee it.

Ooh…don’t mess with TD!! ^.~

Question! …Who the hell are you? (Referring to the poster of this thread)


i’m not questioning anyone i’m already worshipping Machine Head so i can’t worship you i’m sorry TD

Well, since you do not know my name i’ll tell you…I’M…THE GREAT…SAIYAMAN!!!(heck no, the whole saiyaman thing is gay)Just Kidding :ah-ha!: I’m a new member, just call me Alex like I said in my other thread.

Yay, TD! [glomps TD]

steals fanfictionees nose!!!

hahaha finally regained my nose!!!

Muhahaha so now i’m a damage with a fanfictionee nose…


TDisn’t someone toworship, he is someone to look up to…
*nominates TD for president of Australia.