By the powers of Evolution?

<img src=“”> Chainsaw! Wooooooooooooo!


That’s absolutely beautiful.

Man, whatta way to start off my day! I havwen’t giggled like that in awhile!

TD, you rock! Your are da most awesoest thing ever!

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TD, you rock! Your are da most awesoest thing ever!

Zero posted it, but it’s brilliant nonetheless.:mwahaha:

<img src=“”> I sure am. What caused you to say that though? <_<

… D’oh!

Outta here. [blasts Strong Bad away with a Zeeky Boogy Doken]

Holy crap! [crash]

[ahem] Dear Zero, you rock! Your are da most awesomest thing ever!

Honestly, I’m suprised TD didn’t post it :hahaha; . Great cartoon Zero!

That was funny.

I’m guessing one of the bad guys he would fight would be Lamarck.


Char-les Dar-WIN, he’s our he-ro! …hums the theme song Yeah, I like that. We need that in real life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is SO funny. I would say the powers would have to be “selection” , “drift”, “migration” , “mutation” and since we need one that doesn’t fit in directly but relates to the topic “science”.

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<img src=“”> Chainsaw! Wooooooooooooo!

R0xx0r! :mwahaha:

That thing brightened my day.

Thanks you very much, Zero.

Haha, Aerie frikkin rocks!

that was great. I want to see what happens next.