By George!

Happy St. george’s ay, everyone- the day to celebrate all that’s good about being English- warm beer, crap weather, polluted beaches… ah, how patriotic I feel. :-/

(what? we had a St. patrick’s Day thread, and there’s bugger all Irish people here!)

Why certainly mate, we can all enjoy St. George too. I think I’ll be on me way to me favourite kip and have a tall pint or two.

Whose St. george?

The dragon slayer, if I’m not mistaken. I consider this to be the day to mourn for all those dragons. :too bad;

The Bastard!
He killed the dragon. *Sob.

Sad St. George’s Day.

Maybe him and dragon were once friends and then something… happened.

Yeah happy St. George’s Day.

And for me the weather has been respecting the saint. For it has been beautiful, like summer. Now to cap the day off, I need something to drink.

does a dance

The symbol of our home town is St Michael killing a dragon. =P I liked it when the people making the photo catalougue thing put a pic of the dragon shoving a spear down HIS throat for the cover. >_>

fights a Dragon with staff and white mage skills

For the Queen and Conrty!

Big Nutter
Full on Victory Jig

Dude. Just no.

We just stuck the flag out the window, as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

I was under the impresion St George tamed the dragon, he was rescuing a princess and the dragon was led into the town on a length of ribbon or something. This might be a different story though.