By far the most hilarious name for a fishing item =P


Even the way the skeleton is looks wrong =P

Wonder who suggested that name when they designed it.

Hell yeah! I was just gonna ask you if you were ever gonna use that avatar! bitchin!

snicker :mwahaha:

Nothing makes bass fall victim to the rod than the Wonder Boner. :hahaha;

Got a fish fetish, eh?

Oh ho…very funny, about as funny as jumping out of a four-story building. I’m just trying to create a slogan for the product itself.

Heh, well if they called it the wonder de-boner, no one would buy it.

Oh yeah! Dis gets 5 outta 5 awesome points!

Maybe they thought people would buy it just because of the funny name.

Haw, it goes right up the fish’s rear.

Cool name.
And just what I need to immobilse Undead Skeletons. *Nod, nod.

Hoooooooo boy. I still say the Rex Trance Vibrator beats it.