In their latest issue, PCGamer did a massive article about MMORPGs, which covered not only the main ones out there in a bit of detail, but also gave some short blurbs on every other significant MMORPG either already out or in development. There’s something like 100-160 out there or coming soon, it’s ridiculous, the market for MMORPGs is way too over-saturated right now.

But, guess which game wasn’t even mentioned in the article, as far as I could tell? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…ha.

<img src=“”> RPGClassics Densetsu? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers MMORPG?

What’s your point Merl? =P

That’s because PCGamer is american. RO is Korean.

PCGamer has covered Korean games before, and once even a MMORPG from Korea, so it’s not that. =P

Maybe they’re just too literate to get past the newbie castle?

I’m not suprised. Ragnarok Online is, in it’s present stage, barely a mmorpg, more like an online hack-and-slash.

Eh, give it more time to develop and evolve, and I think it’ll become an excellent one.

Green Mage is right though. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers MMORPG isn’t mentioned for some reason.

yeah they mentioned Korean stuff in that article, they aren’t just American-based (like the god-awful Lineage game).