Bush's inauguration speech

I kept looking around forthe inauguration on TV, but all the channels were showing this shitty World War II movie about Hitler’s rise to power, only it was really shitty, cos the dude didn’t look anything like Hitler and he had a fucking southern accent.

This is why Canada needs to put more money into the military.

Apparently he plans on doing things about freedom this term because he said it 27 times in his speech.

hmm…Canada, not a bad plan at all. This may be enough to motivate me to get a job so I can actually afford to leave.

Yes. At leats ours is incompetent at small things, as opposed to large, world-shaping things.

He basically all but admitted that we’ll (USA) be engaging other countries, possible even European countires, in the near future. Though he didn’t just say it clear; it took a couple analysts to go over what he might have been speaking in reference to, and it was judged that the most likely first target is Iran, probably Syria. One of his aides said something to the effect of how Iraq is the perfect staging point to launch into another war, whether it’s in Europe or other Middle-eastern countries that don’t want to follow Bush’s agenda. Really, the only thing is that aside from countries we’ll go after first, nobody really knows exactly what that agenda is.

That should be their national motto: Canada, we’re better than Europe!

Amazing, you want to leave America, I want to join it - let’s shift!

Shush, you New-World-Guys will never pwn us! :>

In case of Europe, only Belarus comes to my mind.

If you want to battle in Europe, why launch rockets from Iraq, and not from Germany where 70,000 American soldiers are deployed and the biggest US Base in Europe is located?