Bush's inauguration speech

Did anyone catch this today? I’m afraid I missed it, but news articles I’ve seen show that it seems like he’s making the same sort of remarks he did during his election speech. Spreading a wave of freedom, vowing to defeat tyranny/the enemies of freedom, which is honestly very unsettling when you read between the lines… Someone that actually saw it, any thoughts? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he should have had a slightly more frugal speech. What was it? 40 million ceremony?

The final score for how often a word was used in his speech was Freedom 27, Liberty 15.
(from The Daily Show)

Yeah and he charged it all to Washington D.C. even though they don’t pay it normally.

It’s around $40 million every time though, damn rich people

He should’ve used a Thesaurus.

Simply put, it was a promise of perpetual war. The speech was possessed of a militant, rigidly ideological tone, permeated by imagery of a “fire” that “burns.” Bush defined our national “mission” as one of “fire” with which to purify the entire world and thereby “end tyranny” forevermore. It was as clear a statement of neoconservative ideology as possible, a zealous call for a “global democratic revolution” (as Bush has called it in previous speeches) that echoed Leon Trotsky’s belief in a “global communist revolution.”

Exactly. (SK)

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Hopefully, Bush will get as pwned as Trotsky was, and someone with more sense and logic will be put in his place. Too bad that won’t happen so long I live.

Yeah, I read it in the paper yesterday, and I cringed about how badly it reeks of Neocon propaganda. A lesser man would have believed that Bush was fighting the good fight.

And yeah, Canada doesn’t seem too far fetched after all. So far I got money for a passport and living expenses for a couple days. Every two weeks, I contribute money to my Canada Fund.

I did catch a bit of it, as well as the following quote: “I vow to end tyranny in the world.” Pardon me while I snigger.

I’d volunteer, but DG has already planned to ship me to Canada through FedEx. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m planning on moving for college.

Haha, your country’s head of state sucks worse than ours! :smiley:

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Bush sucks more than Queen Elizabeth II? :open_mouth: Or maybe you meant Head of Government, which would be Blair. Ah you crazy Brits. Ha ha ha.


Happy reading.

Sin: Canada isn’t far enough away. :frowning:

Its better than Europe :stuck_out_tongue: