Bush slips up again.... much to our pleasure!


oh, my, fucking, god… WOW

Doesn’t know what sovereignty is? =\

Why am I not surprised?

Soverign Entity!

“You’re a sovereign nation and you’ve been given…pause…sssovereign entity.”

That clip is a comedy goldmine.

what a retard, its amazing he even made president. I think he hacked on the polls or something. LOL

You came to that conclusion 4 years after everyone else, but we know it’s true :stuck_out_tongue:

knew it already, just in case someone didnt , you know?

This is why you don’t define a word by using the word in question in the defination.

how wacky

That adds to my depression caused by the fact that the most powerful man in the world probably couldn’t find his ass with a map of his body. Funny though, that he doesn’t even understand the phrase “Tribal sovereignity” means. Git.


THUD :thud:


XD and how long has he been talking about sovereignty and iraq? he didn’t even know what it meant? XD~

Well, it’s scary and shocking how someone like that made it all the way to the White House in te first place. I think he’s got a godhood complex, along with a few other disturbances.

He is a Fundamentalist Christian. Maybe he thinks he got to the White House because of God’s will?

and that he has to fight the magog- and since communism isn’t around anymore in Russia, he’s looking elsewhere.

Well, maybe it was gods will we’ll all die.



Well, I tell you one thing: God sure never told me to vote for him.