Bush is LORD


That is a joke, right?

If Bush, a war president, is “lord” then what the hell was Gandhi?

Of course it’s a joke.

I like how they depicted him as a Catholic saint :stuck_out_tongue:


Heehee. ^^

No matter how serious this page may be, some of those halo pics look pretty damn cool, you have to admit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Star Halos!

Click on the anti-bush hacker link. XD

GIVE now


Why is this site a joke? :< I really thought there are some Americans that are so… foolish to believe Bush is their savior :stuck_out_tongue:

Its all so clear now… I have been living a life of liberism-based sin. If only I had been a racist, imperialist, conservatively minded and faithful person in the lord, I would have seen the truth in our President, no our Savior’s true identity! The only recompence at this point is to kill (socially, politically, physically or financially) one hippie/liberal/lesbian/gay man/ethnic minority/non-christian per sin that I have commited. My task is now laid before me, and nothing can stop me.

Actually, we’re all like this. Well…after we finish our mandatory “Mindset Re-Adjustment Seminar” of course.

You went to that too?
they had good cookies, I tell you what.
mmmm, brainwashing.

If Bush is lord, what does that make Condi?

they my as well do that to all leaders, cuz there is always a person who doesnt like a world leader. there are always anit-leaders out there who do it all the time, they did it to clinton and other presidents and world leader, except they were different.

The scantily-clad mistress.

and she’s wearing those crazy boots all the time, too!!!

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