Bush is a regular comedian.


So did this news not get a thread when it came out a year and 4 months ago?

Yeah, I think I saw this a while back.


Shouldn’t there be a thread on Carl Rove?

Karl Rove. Not to act smart or anything. What did he do anyway? Give out the identities of some FBI agents? Was there a reason for him to do so at all? What’s the big story that the reporters got out of getting the identity of several agents?

Richard Pryor is a comedian. George W. Bush Jr., by all accounts, is not to me and this pretty much proves that. My Dad went to Iraq behind the governments search for weapons of mass destruction. There was nothing funny about that then and there’s nothing funny about it now.

Then again, this did happen a year ago or so, so there’s not much of a reason to keep steaming about it I suppose…

Rove disclosed the name of a CIA operative, not FBI. BIG difference.

Please don’t think I’m a sorry excuse for an American or anything for not knowing…but, eh, would you mind explaining the difference?

I Thought the weapons of Mass Destruction were in the White house…

I see if Tony Has got them.

The guy’s a frigging retard. He almost got assassinated by a pretzel.

Unless I’m mistaken, it was an undercover CIA operative. Probably more to it, but I’m not all knowledgeable on the subject.

Well, Bush said he’d fired the guy who leaked the information if they caught him, and the Agent’s husband JUST HAPPENED to be very against invading Iraq.

They’re trying to say that he released that it was the guys wife, and not her actual name, hence he didn’t technicaly leak an actual operative directly.

No one cares much about this since it doesn’t invole a president getting a BJ from an intern though, nor has much to do with Paris Hilton.

Yea, the big deal is that bush said he’d fire whoever did the leak. And, oops, it was Karl Rove, the man behind the entire administration.

So now he has to fire Rove. :smiley:

He wouldn’t fire Rove. He wouldn’t know how to tie his shoes in the morning if it weren’t for Karl Rove.

His lawyer’s being very crafty about this. Technically, he could get jail time for revealing an undercover agent’s identity, but he simply said that it was “someone’s wife,” so he’ll get off scot free. Also because he’s a republican… -_-

There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns: that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, the ones we don’t know we don’t know.

Well I know its know laughing matter but if I attended I for one wont deny that I would laugh my ass off.Maybe because too much seriousness gets me uncomfortable so I try to joke around and laugh to break the mood.Some people do that to move on.You cant expect someone to moan over something they cannot change.Atleats tey are trying to locate the weapons.-_-

It would be like me firing my boss.

He’s also saying that he “didn’t know”, which is working at the moment.

The Central Intelligence Agency is, in a nutshell, our spy group. The FBI is more like police. These are blanket statements. :smiley:

Revealing the identity of a covert operative is considered treason against the US, since it could endanger the lives of the operatives, the people close to them, and the people who have worked with them in their assignments.

It took you a while to dig this out. He’s lousy. The White House Comedy Club, if such a thing is even plausible to exist, can keep him, preferaibly locked up inside a closet with Karl Rove and the rest of the Administration.

I saw this on the Daily Show. Karl Rove started an investigation that ultimately implicated himself, right? I’m not sure since the investigation timeline was so convoluted.