Bush has signed his death warrent


He wants to keep troops in Iraq till hes put out of office.

To me this is a challenge for Congress to Impeach him, as he will fight them to remove them if they challenge it by War Powers Act (which is how they are over there in the first place)

While it says they are planning reductions, lets see if that happens…

He has to express that he is committed to Iraq. It helps if we signal that we’re going to be a long-term player in Iraq’s future.

Now, if only Bush had applied this logic to the Guest Worker Program… facepalm

He has no choice, really. People are calling for a withdrawal.

You know, i’m tired of this shit. As far as i’m concerned, if you’ve never been to Iraq, or have never served your country in wartime, you shouldn’t even talk about this crap. People keep talking about Iraq and whether we should be there or not as though they were over there, as though they’ve seen what those people go through and the things we’re doing to help that country. Until you’ve gone over and fought, shut the fuck up. That’s all i’ve got.

should i mention the fact here that bush never went to another country and fought himself…so by your logic, what right does he even have to send you over to iraq in the first place?

also u shuldnt’ dis jumpin off a bridge cuz u never diud so stfu

i’d have hoped that something like joining the army might make people mature enough to avoid these ridiculous arguments, but i suppose not. assuming i ever have kids, it’s college or nothing for them.

Why would it be his death warrant? Many, maybe most, members of Congress, from either party, would have no problem with staying in Iraq forever. There are a few exceptions, like Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich, and Robert Byrd on the Democratic side, and Ron Paul on the Republican side, but they are few and far between.

I don’t see this doing shit to him…he can do whatever the hell he wants cuz he’s the gawd durn prezidunt of thuh Ewnited Staytes. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, people desperately need help in southern Africa, and almost all of eastern Europe. Should we deploy troops there? Should we overthrow those countries?

To expand on what SK said, the main purpose for this war was to establish Iraq as a military base. This is something the majority of members of both the Democrat and Republican parties agree with. Iraq is smack dab in the center of the Middle East; contains the world’s second most untapped oil reserves; borders the nation that holds the worlds most oil reservers(Saudi Arabia), and the nation that hold the world’s most untapped oil reserves(Iran). Both Democrats and Republicans see the logic in having 100,000+ U.S. troops in Iraq to protect U.S. oil interests.

No he hasn’t. He hasn’t even said anything startling new: everyone with an adequate brain and a decent education knows that you don’t invade a country and pledge to rebuild it and expect to be out within the decade.

No they won’t. They’ve no interest in an impeachment. He sits safe.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

Perhaps it never occurred to you that the results of the neo-conservatives’ invasion of Iraq has consequences that reach beyond the mortality of those fighting in the combat zone as soldiers. Perhaps you’ve never considered that I and many others feel QUITE more threatened by the nuclear-armed or soon to be dictatorships of Iran and North Korea than the ‘rape rooms’ of third rate crazypersons with no power outside their own well-contained country.

If you’d take away the rights of civilians to control their country’s military, I don’t even know what the fuck you want to fight for. You should apply for citizenship while you’re over there, join a militia, bomb a mosque, just please don’t come back here.

I’m not saying that I disagree with what you all say, i’m just saying that you might want to go see some of the things you judge with your own eyes before doing so. God forbid taking part in the actions that you vote for or talk about.

I’m afraid they only impeach people who lie about their mistresses or who those believe that certain post-war reconstruction practices were unethical. Lying about our reasons to go to war isn’t serious enough.

We’re not critiquing the soldiers, nor are we critiquing the Iraqi people. In fact, I think pretty much everyone agrees that that the potential benefit to the Iraqi people is a good one. However, that doesn’t make going to war in Iraq a good choice. We went there because we thought that they had WMDs (which a former advisor to Hussein has recently said were there, and were transported to Syria before the war). So? Pakistan has WMDs, North Korea probably has WMDs, are we going to invade them next? Or did we go to Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people? Should we, therefore, “liberate” other countries while we’re at it? If we’re fighting a war on terror, then why have terrorist operations gone UP in all of the countries we visited? It’s not the soldiers’ fault, it’s their commanders’ fault.

The fact is, there was no rational reason to go to Iraq, and now many of our soldiers have lost their lives when they didn’t need to. I have friends stationed in Iraq right now, and it pisses me off enormously that they’re being forced to risk their lives, and the government still won’t even admit the real reason why we went there in the first place. It’s been over 1,000 days since “mission accomplished” in Iraq. Why, then, is that country still in such terrible shape? Why are there still daily explosions? Not because of our soldiers, they’ve tried their best, they’ve risked or lost their lives fighting for the ideals of our country, and the fledgling Iraqi democracy. No, it’s because the commanders and government felt that it wasn’t neccesary to come up with a decent strategy, or to give our soldiers proper armor, or, it seems, to plan anything at all.

If anything, going to Iraq would simply give me newfound respect for our soldiers on the field, and cause me to more vehemently hope for their safe and expedient return home.

Neither is secretly spying on the American people, nor is ousting an undercover CIA agent because her husband was going to release a report which contradicted your lies. I can’t even list all of the impeachable offenses of this administration, there’s not enough room on the internet. Yeah, think about that.

We need to send a hostage negotiator to get Bush’s ass to release his head.

I appreciate that Sat, I really do. And like I said before, I agree with pretty much everything said in this thread:P

Humanity is always like this, it’s either war or conflict, why do you think humans are still that primitive? One country is ignorant and the other one responds with agression…
It’s a sick sick world, really, will the leaders of tomorrow do something about it?
Or they’ll stay doing the same vicious circle all over again?

Oh this sin cursed world…


If only one Senator supports censuring him (dunno how many reps, if any), then I highly doubt that there would be any support to impeach Dubya, let alone remove him from office, especially not with the current make up of the House and Senate. I don’t think there will be a dramatic enough swing, if any at all, in the next midterm election to change that.