Burt Reynolds gets slap-happy..


What the hell is his problem?

He said “What… kind of guy are you?” yet slapped the CBS guy on the face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Longest Yard is certainly not the best Burtless movie ever made.

Big deal. People do stuff like that all the time, it’s just nobody cares because they’re not Hollywood celebrities. It’s not like he hurt the guy or anything.

But I want to know what the hell was his problem doing a movie that’s so awful.

'cause he like, played in the first one, and the producers were like : “OMG REMAKE MUST PUT BURT REYNOLDS IN!”

You can tell you should stay away from Bert Raynolds when the next film he plans on doing is a low budget horror film called " The Little Shop of Horrors" and after the film is finished he plans on feeding the actors he doesn’t like to his carnivorous plant co-star in the film----


Psh…who cares? :stuck_out_tongue: