Burning shit, part 2.

I am absolutely broke and using my last CD, so I am really motivated to get this right.

I’m trying to burn a PC game. I’m looking at four files labeled .ccd, .cue, .img and .sub. I’m using Nero, but have access to Alcohol 120% if absolutely needed.

Can someone tell me, step-by-step, what to do now? Last time I tried this by myself I completly screwed up.

My post was completely useless so it got deleted, and then I got told not to post stupid shit again. Also, when I show my peepee to girls they laugh at me.

By girls I mean my mother.

What did it originally say?

:\ iirc, .CCD .IMG and .SUB all go together to enable image burning in the program CloneCD. Not being familiar with CloneCD, i can’t really help you. You can try to see if Nero or Alcohol will read the CUE sheet anyway, though.

I’ll look for a CloneCD tutorial then. And the program, while I’m at it. Thanks.

Out of curiosity, why do you need to burn it? Can’t you just mount the image using Daemon Tools or something?

Because my HD is only 7.8GB big, and if you consider all the stuff I keep permanently, I have about 3/3.5GB left to play around. 700MB average is a bit too much to keep forever and I’m tired of downloading things when I feel like playing it again after a while (eMule takes about a week or two).

Also, I’vee been wanting to play Baldur’s Gate II again for a while, and the 700MB average per disk (five disks), plus the huge setup content goes way over my limit.