Burning .CUE/.BIN

It’s the first CD of a game that… ehm… mysterious cybernetic elves somehow materialized into my hard drive one night? Yeah, let’s go with that.

So how do I do it? I have Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 but I heard it can’t do it, and I also heard Nero has problems with it. Suggestions?

What? Both Nero and Alcohol can do them just fine…Just load the cue into whichever application as a saved disc, and burn. <img src=“http://hell.oddwebsite.com/images/smiles/emot-confused.gif”>

Cue is just like a map of the bin. The bin the actual image, and the cue tells the burner what to do with it.

Thanks, I really need to stop listening to people IRL.

Make sure that if you open the .cue with notepad that:

  • There is no D:/E: and stuff before the name of the .bin
  • The name between " and " is the SAME exact name of the .bin, it’s case sensitive too

So, if you are gonna burn “filename”, the first line of the .cue should look like this:

FILE “filename.BIN” BINARY

If you encounter any problems (ie error messages by your burning software), try the above and everything will be nice and smooth.