Burning Crusade is here, WoW 1-60 is over. Let's compare notes.

I will not pretend this is anything more than a giant e-penis-waving contest, which Ramza will undoubtedly win. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Main (DPS) gear
Tanking gear

This is the guy I’m gonna be taking into TBC the second I log on and not stop levelling until I’m 70 (which will probably not take long because I am going to rape everything I see in the first couple of areas). I got lucky with a lot of gear in raids and grinded the rest of the PVP stuff. Considering he’s only got 19 days of /played at 60 I think I did pretty well.

Healing gear

Somebody actually gave me this alt with much the same gear as it has now, I just changed a couple of shitty ones around for some better non-raid stuff. I’m only going to bring her out when I’m 70 and raiding on Pier.

When I can get this, I’ll be starting a blood elf and Undead Shadow Priest on some new sever. One that I don’t do the paying for. Somebody should tell me what class is the best for them.

God damn Pierson, I didn’t know you went GM. Prophecy’s not that great though.

Haha no way, just the swords and shoulders. Before that I was using Might because I had nothing better and a Doom’s Edge + Core Hound Tooth combo. The Prophecy isn’t that great because I never levelled or raided with the character, some guy was giving his account away and I won the coin toss. Bingo instant 60 Holy/Disc priest.

The only thing I would have done differently for DPS was replace the Zandalar chest with the Grand Marshal one, but by the time I’d finished grinding the swords it was basically today and I already have enough crit %, so fuck grinding AV for another 20k. The only thing I would have done differently for my tanking gear was a pair of Might/Wrath bracers, but unfortunately that was never under my control. :slight_smile:

I did a lot though. Due to the luck of the draw and attendence I was basically attending ZG and MC the minute I hit 60 (I was invited to my first ZG literally the hour I dinged) and some lucky combination of DKP and timing let me get gear pretty fast. I even got into Naxx before we stopped running it. I can’t complain. :slight_smile:

God damn , you’re lucky. The new PVP system is so much nicer on people than the old one.

Jesus fuck. It wasn’t out yet?

I love the new PvP system. Makes getting FM armor a snap.
The expansion makes me sad though cause now I can’t feel like I have superior knowledge by being in the beta anymore.