Burning Console Games

Inspired by SE’s thread, I remember that this summer I intended to burn myself a copy of some of my PS games, so I don’t have to cart them between my house, and my grandmother’s, which I stay at for bits and pieces of the summer. It would be easier to copy them, and have 1 CD at each. So, do I need any special programs to do this, if not, how do I do it, etc.?

OK, Legaly, You should NOT do this at all. If you do please remember you want to make “pirated copies” and therefore should not blame anyone else.

With PS1 games, Unlless you have a ceritan type of CD-R, you Have to have a console “chipped”

Several Burner software do have the option to do copy CD’s. Be warned some stuff are copy writed and may not copy.

Here some software I have got with my CD-R/RW Drives:
www.roxio.com - formerly Easy CD
http://www.nero.com/ - cost abit but does quite a bit

Check the sticky’d List just in case

You need a modchip. Buy one online, the chips for PS1’s and PSones are SUPER cheap because they are less desired. Usually like 10 bucks. The best ones are “STEALH” and “STLTHUTLRA”, i say this because they are the only ones that are still produced, so they’ll be new. The sites you’ll buy from are shady, so try to use a money order to keep your credit records clean.

Then you just soder it down and burn your ISOS.

The only thing you’ll need to know about burning the games is that the quality of the CD counts more than the quality of the ISO. CDs sold in stores come from one of about 4 companies. Each of these 4 companies makes zillions of CDs a year, and then sells them to companies like TDK, Roxio, Staples, and others, who just put their name on the CD. Most CDs you buy at a store are second rate, meaning, they are good enough for most data and music purposes, but for hardcore needs, they are not suffecient. The vendor you will need to get your CDs from is MatsuShita. They don’t deal to lower vendors, so the quality of their stuff is far higher. Get good CDs from any online vendor, that deals in bulk or straight from factory.

Your drive also has an impact on the quality of your CDs. If you have a generic Dell burner, its going to suck, for the same reasons above. Most cheapo drives will never HAVE to do highlux burning applications, so the OEM vendors sell the shitty drives to the PC makers. But it is easier to control the quality of the disc than the drive :stuck_out_tongue: Unless you’re going to get into DVD game burning, just use nice CDs, and dont worry about your drive.

If you use crappy CDs, you’ll get a higher coaster to roaster ratio, meaning, more of your CDs wont run than will. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you get decent CDs (and a nice drive), it just becomes a process of finding what settings on your Burning ROM (application) and drive work best. Its different for each drive, so you’re going to go through alot of trial and error before you get it right.

As for getting the ISOS from your legit CDs to your pirated ones, you just save the disc as an ISO on your computer. The best program for this is (apparently) Alcohol120% (i hate this program though because it is bloated, but meh). It gets the most accurate image of a disc.

If you have any other questions just ask.