For the Children, not your selfishness.

“Adults with imaginary friends are stupid.” But Children are allowed to have those. Especially those below the 13 year range, before the RAGE/Angst/Uncertainty sets in.


I stopped believing in Santa when I was like six. Hell, I remember calling my mom out about it when I was five or six. “Mom, why does Santa have the same handwriting you do?” “Oh… Uh… Uh…” And then a bullshit answer. I still laugh about that.

Aww. Precocious Pint-sized The_984. :3

The only pints you understand contain beer.

Still have to wait until next week for said pints, Epic. Math combined with Editing is thirsty work :<


I apparently stopped believing in santa before I remember. I don’t think that’s altogether surprising.

I saw one of those giving trees, where you pick a name and get a poor child a present, and asked my mom (according to her, again, I don’t remember) why they needed one of those if there was a Santa. That pretty much killed it, I guess.

I always believed in Santa. If irrationality got me an extra present, it’d be irrational to be rational.

“We told him that she did not believe in Father Christmas because of her religion and he’s fine now.”


And yeah, I believed in Santa for a while. Probably because we didn’t get any notes from him, and there wasn’t anything like that in Ireland, Arac.

I never had a problem with Santa Claus because in Puerto Rico (and Latino America) it used to be the Three Wise Kings who delivered presents (on January 5th). You had to pick up and leave grass for their camels rather than cookies. Otherwise pretty much the same deal. Of course, that was in the Old Days, now the American Xmas tradition has supplanted it all over (though here in Puerto Rico both days are still Holidays.)

And I figured the truth on my own when I was nine. I didn’t care too much, tho- not as long as I kept getting toys! :wink:

I really hated to realize Santa wasn’t real. He always felt like the one truly good guy around.

That said, I finally admitted he wasn’t real when I was eleven. >_>

I had a “There is no God” moment when I was five or six, right before First Communion. Needless to say, I shocked the family and the priest.

The fifth? Back at home we celebrate 3 kings day on the sixth. It’s why I always hated going back to school on the sixth or before then because to me it was still a holiday.

I have actually never stopped believing in Santa. Not after the age of 10 when Santa go me what I had asked for.

I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny before Santa…but that’s because I was awake one night and caught my mom hiding the basket. I believed in Santa until was six or so until realized he had my dad’s handwriting like 984 did. Well, Santa and my dog…

If I ever have kids, I’m typing their notes from Santa. >_>