Bunny Racing ARRGH!

Ok. I got Star Ocean 3 a while ago. Got sidetracked after starting it and it took me a few months before I gave it another chance. I love it now, but the bunny racing is aggravating. I have scoured google and have found no help other than a turbo controller which I’d rather not buy. Has anyone discovered a super cool trick yet? I need 100 points!

As of this moment, only the Turbo Controller thing works. For now, you shouldn’t bother getting the points from Bunny Racing, though. I’m assuming you want to hire Boyd, but Lias, Cliff and Gusto should be good enough for your Smithery needs.

Anyhow, if you’re trying for trophies, you should get a turbo controller anyhow, for those 50000 Battles, 1000000 Button Presses and 50000 Enemies trophies. If you just leave the system on 8 hours a day and hold the X button down in front of the arena in Gemity, you can get it done in a couple of weeks.

I think that sort of thing is just bull… having to do the million and one button presses and that!

  • it proves nothing!


Walk (run?) for 42.195 km! (or whatever)
Don’t get hit for one minute.
Be incapacitated 20 times.

It’s like they’re rewarding bad gameplay, or giving trophies for no reason at all.

There are ALWAYS crazy tasks in japanese games. Always. Either that or button-mashing at light-speed.

Those damn Japanese played WAAY too much Mario Party as kids…


Mario Party’s not that old, though…
(only 6 years)