Bullshit!: Video Game edition

Because you should see it too.

Sure, Penn & Teller are far from the most objective people in the world, but their show can be amusing at times, and if they take a look at videogames and the people who bitch incessantly about em (Hiiiii Jack!), it’s worth a watch.

Yeah, me and a friend saw it a while back.
Even if they aren’t objective, well, none of the ones bitching about video games are objective either, so it doesn’t matter that much.

They do make some good points though.
But mostly, the whole argument is still about: “My/some kid did something wrong, and it obviously can’t be my/the parents’ fault so it must have been something else. Like music or video games.”
It’s nice to see “our side” get a boost, though.

I like to beat up and rob hookers in GTA. I think it has only affected me positively.

Okay, I’ve been trying to watch this video all day, but all it does is skip over it and go right to showing me ad after ad after ad. I’m sure it’s jsut me, I just wish I knew why.

V: Maybe our not-so-lovable magician duo realized you’re the kind who takes no Bullshit. :hahaha;

Did they ever show us what happened when they gave the kid an assault rifle?

Since parts two and three are on the site, you can see for yourself. In fact, at the very end of the first video, there are links to the second and third videos.

I didn’t notice it was 3 parts.

It’s gone now. Business as usual on shittube.

I found it on google video.