Bullshit of *unable to say* proportions

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Post 174.
Jenna linked me to it via AIM, here’s what she sent:
-GI posts pics of “his” girls all of the time. They’re always hot.
-This time he messes up and posts pics of a famous internet model.
-Someone recognizes the pics and calls him out on it… posting the rest of the pics from that series, including the one that GI posted.
-GI FLAT OUT DENIES this, even though it’s the exact same picture
-Hilarity insues
-Another guy signs up as the internet model in question (Tiffany Teen)
-More hilarity & mocking

It continues.


Hahaha, I think they went down from too much traffic.

Edit: nevermind.

I love it.

Love love love it.


(thank you so much >.>)

Psst, Steve. You should’ve stuck that comment at the end of your post. When you hover over it in the forum display, you see the O word.

What O word? Orgasm? :I


Its like that Seinfeld.

“This picture was cut out of a magazine… And its of me.” -Model to George

My schadenfreude senses are tingling.

Good job. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. (and Jenna, you’re cool too).

Hilarious. Thanks you Jenna nd Steve. This is the perfect pick-me-up at the end of the day.

An experience from which people should learn. Hilarious nonetheless.

Good God, the things people will make forums for

Makes MySpace look well-adjusted.

Why can’t we have anything like that here? It would’ve done us a great good. It would lenghten the average life expectancy with several fornight or failing that, at least save us a couple of pensions.

Dude … awesome. XD

Did anyone actually read all of it? I skimmed through page 27 or so, then skipped to the last page (which was 80-something at the time), and realized that I never, EVER, wanted to read 80 pages of that.

Did anyone there actually believe in one who posts his girlfriend’s naked or near-naked pictures? Such naivity.

-D00d, ch3ck it 0u7, th’s 1s my gf LOLZ!!1
-Yeah, dream on, nerd.

Nerds like that guy will never date a beautiful girl. It’s one of those hard laws of the universe, and also his karma after what he did. If he could ever become a pimp he would only be surrounded by dogs. He will never get anyone to love him, and when he’s at his lowest point of his life, if he goes for hookers all the ones he’ll ever meet will be from the group that qualifies for uglypeople.com

Stupidity and distaste rule all, as usual.

The best part is that they made fucking T-shirts! That and the fact that a group of people could devote almost 1,500 posts to a guy being an asshole.