Bullet time

Eye to Hand Coordination 2. Only ten levels, crappier graphics, but more difficult than the previous one. Level 10 is just fucking insane hard. Let’s see if you can finish this one.


And for those who like bullet time - my record so far is 13875. Let’s see how good you people’s reflexes are:


That wasn’t so bad, the hardest one for me was #4, I’m too twitchy to move so precisely, and the tiny space I have to move my mouse in on my desk doesn’t help either. (I must have died because my mouse hit my speaker more than anything else.)

I do think I got lucky on 10 though. Only took 3 tries, but I saw an opening, and went for it, and won.

Level 10 was easy, as were all the other levels. And I managed level 9 on bullet time, but was .001 too slow and died the time to beat was like .185 and i got .186.

Got level 10 on my first try, this whole thing was pretty simple.

14019 on bullet time.

12436 on the bullet time, didn’t bother with the other one.

12854 on bullet time, didn’t die once in the first one.

Bah. The Bullet Time game sucks. It doesn’t have actual bullet-time.

well that was fun if not stressfull.

Oh wow haha. I just found something about the first one. If you left-click, you autolose with the phrase “Gotcha Cheater.” This does not stop you from right-clicking, moving the mouse over the End, and left-clicking to cheat. :stuck_out_tongue: