Building your own PC

My current PC is a piece of shit. I’m gonna build a new one. What’s the best bang for my buck? …they’ve got a whole section of barebones kits. But take time to look at the reviews, cuz some of them might have crap components.

Here’s my rig, built in March for about 600€, some old components, like disc drives, mouse, keyboard, monitor nabbed from my old one:

P5Q Pro Mobo; Has all the junk I need (LAN/USB/Audio) and can handle future updates to computer gear.
Intel Core2 E8400 @ 3,00Ghz Processor;
4 Gigs of DDR2 Ram (In case I’ll want to upgrade to Win7, also, you can save a few bucks here if you don’t need memory 5 milliseconds faster or 2GB is okay for using XP)
Ati Radeon HD4870 (PCI-e is the way to go, naturally, the single most expensive component)
500Gigs of Hard Disc Space.

Built inside an Antec Sonata III which has a 500W power supply.

Compared to my previous setup, this one can run Fallout 3 at full settings while my previous one (2,2ghz with mere DDR Ram and an AGP GeForce 7600) couldn’t get past the birth scene unless EVERYTHING was at minimum. And the sucker is quite silent too.

What operating system do you plan on running?

If you’re from Canada you can use and compare prices, then get them price matched =D