Building a house

I’m supposed to make a house and design it etc, etc. Any way if I could build you a house (say its your birthday) What would you want in it? What style?

Maybe this will inspire me to create.

Ooh! Garden with many trees, preferably birches and oaks. And then I’ll hire kids to rake it in the autumn… ahem, well… think a cozy lil’ cottage style in my case. Stock or with plaks painted red with white corners (crazy Swedish tradition… welcome to the land of the red houses!). Stuff like that. I hope that can get you started at least.

Defintily should have some nice hardwood floors…that gives any house some character…

What subject is it for? If it’s for math or something you could get all technical with the amount of material, the cementing and establishing a base, what kind of support beams you want, what kind of angles/ceilings inside the house, how many floors, etc. If it’s for art and you only need like a sketch or a blueprint then you could go into curves and colour and stuff, but uh, what kind of suggestions do you want?

or even is this for some technology course where you’ll have to build a little model for it…? Because those are different descriptions altogether.

This is for architecture, and I have to build a model. The class it is for is Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and I like what Weiila did. that gave me some ideas for the porch and surrounding area. I just need ideas. I might use might not, depends on if I like it or not.

That’s basically what I took last year, Exploring Technology and I had to use that infernal CAD as well, though I only built trusses on it.

To get ideas on how to built and to get different designs just go use the google image search and type in “house” or something and see what stirs in your imagination.

You might want to consider:

-a fireplace
-windows, light, doors
-stair style (if it’s more than 1 floors)

True… I’m trying right now to determine the house style. I think I want something that looks sorta medeval (sp?) like a castle, but not to big and somewhat modern. I’m still looking for a style like that.

medieval huh? like real medieval as in dark and small windows and stuff or something around 16th century what do they call it victorian or soemthing

I had to do this, but I didn’t have to make a physical model of it.

Just make the house that you would want. Just start with where you want your rooms and such, and keep in mind the placement of rooms and hallways - you don’t want bed rooms next to high traffic areas as the traffic could disturb the bedroom peace, you don’t and you wouldn’t want a bed room on the other side of the living room or something because the noise from the living room could also disturb the peace. I think you’d be good to start off with a split level ranch, 3 bed(2 regular 1 guest, or 3 regular, or 2 regular 1 office…), 2 bath (1 hall, 1 master). Then once you have the rooms the way you want them, then you can design the interior. Remember when you posistion the toilet in the bathroom to make it so that even if the door is open you can’t see the toilet by walking by, thats a privacy issue. Make sure you don’t constrict walk ways with furniture, and be sure to include all neccessities for modern living.

That was about what I had to do, I’m not sure how different your assignment is from mine or whatever, but these are some good things to remember.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: