Buffalo Wings & Vodka

Don’t ask why I posted this. Just don’t, for I don’t even know.


Haha did I stir this up?!

Yes you did. :moogle:

…well, the title is a nice start. :o

Can I grope it?

No you may not


The last word definately is…

Its not funny.

I’m like the MC Hammer of the blogosphere, and I need to generate some serious cash fast–or else I’ll have to stop blogging and go back to dealing, passing Aspirin off as Adderall.

Oh shit! Thats funny! Ahahahaha, this guy has some serious <i>wit</i>! Props to you man, props to you.


Dubya Tee Eff, mate?

You don’t have to rub it in that s/he missed a dot in his/her ellipse. :confused:

. means I agree. dumbass. Why do you always got to be a dick? :stuck_out_tongue:

edit:Besides, you used the word ellipse incorrectly. an ellipse is a round shape, either circular or oval-like in nature.

Unfortunately it’s also a stylistic device, describing a shortened sentence. It’s debatable if it was one, however, you lose.

Elipsis is the device.

Elipse is the geometric shape.

And I’m pretty sure I spelled them both wrong. But you get the idea.

Now, let’s move on… hey, it’s a blog that references MC Hammer, hahahaha, oh that internet wit…

Wrong. You fail at life. See below. I am not defeated that easily. You also fail at life for siding with Setz. And lastly, it wasn’t an elipsis.

That’s exactly what I thought. Now what exactly was the point of this discussion…oh yeah, the blog.

I was joking. :stuck_out_tongue: After seeing how you reacted when it was said to you; I had to re-enact it.

An ellipse is “…”, if I’m not mistaken. Sorry man, didn’t mean to offend you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was kidding when I called you a dick, if you didn’t notice. Usually, if I put a “8p” at the end of a sentence, I’m joking. “…” is an ellipsis. an ellipse is a round shape, usually circular or oval. Used to describe the shape of the planetary orbits. I knew you were joking, so I joked back. no biggie. I wasn’t at all offended.

Here’s the wikipedia definition of Ellipsis

In printing and writing, an ellipsis (plural: ellipses) is a row of three dots (…) or asterisks (* * *) indicating an intentional omission. This punctuation mark is also called a suspension point or a dot dot dot.

An example is, “She went to … school.” In this sentence, “…” might represent the word “elementary,” or the word “no.” The use of ellipses can either mislead or clarify, and the reader must rely on the good intentions of the writer who uses it. Omission without indication by an ellipsis is always considered misleading.

An ellipsis can also be used to indicate a pause in speech, or be used at the end of a sentence to indicate a trailing off into silence.

Where you might have been confused on the words ellipse and ellipsis is that both share the same plural word “ellipses”, with differing pronunciations.

here’s an English lesson
ellipse(pronounced ee-LIPS)
Ellipsis(pronounced ee-LIP-sis)

And now for the plurals
ellipses(plural of ellipse pronounced ee-LIPS-iz)
ellipses(plural of ellipsis pronounced ee-LIP-seez)

Bleh, close enough.