Buddhist Monk Severs Dick


A machete!?

Oh haha…those crazy monks. Cutting off their eyelids and setting themselves on fire and whatnot…

Like barbeque chicken!

So, anyone interested in converting?

Erection during meditation?

That sounds pretty funny. :slight_smile:

I resist sex. I have no wang.

I resist greed. I have no money.

I resist sanity, I have no common sense?

I read the topic as “Serves” instead of “Severs” at first, thinking it was going to be about “food”, which made me almost relieved when it wasn’t.


Well, if he’s not using it and it’s in the way, may as well get rid of it.

Wait, how does he tinkle?

My guess, he doesn’t use the urinal now…

I ain’t nevar turnin’ to no buddhism now

Not wholly unreasonable, compared to the totality of things humanity has done for religious reasons.

i’d turn it into a flute

Originally Posted by Trillian
My guess, he doesn’t use the urinal now…

He has denied himself the earthly plessures of a urinal.

The only thing that would make this funnier is if the guy is named Wang.