Btw Shadow Dragon thread

As in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon (as in the game that came out on the same day as DQ V). >:(

Seriously! Isn’t anybody playing this yet?

But we like Ike :frowning:

I’ll probably invest in this once exam period is over. Any of them “new” FE elements carried down to the remake, or is it plain vanilla FE1?

From what I read on GameFAQs, it’s mostly FE1 with better graphics. I guess I’m spoiled by the features of new Fire Emblem games, because what I read didn’t really want to make me play it :confused: Hopefully I can rent it somewhere sometime to see if it can change my mind. Meanwhile, back to DQV :smiley:

Yeah, I heard the paper/rock/scissors formula won’t be injecting itself in Shadow Dragon. Instead it’s back to good ol’ bulldozer/glacier/Bill Goldberg routine; they all hit like champs.

That, and you have to piss blood and sweat bile just to throw a fireball.

At chapter 4 right now with 10 casualties so far. :frowning:

This game’s pretty much like FE 3 Book 1, but with prettier graphics and more detailed (not necessarily prettier) art. There is a Weapon Triangle however it’s so gimped in this version that it’s not even an after thought. There’s also the weapon forge to make characters even more lol broken (especially given with the amount of money thrown around in this game). New characters suck so far. New prologue sucks ass too (must pay one unit to open this door and Wrys was already dead before I could make it there). And I’m trying to line up my deaths to have only females (and pants wearing Marth) in my party (don’t know where I stand on generics though).

I’m going to need a second playthrough to figure out who to class change into what.