BTW Bitcoins have returned over 500% this year.

Latest bitcoin price = $13.42

Total return if you bought bitcoins at $2.50 = 536.8%

Total ytd return on the S&P 500 = 12.89%

lol, so just keep investing in the stock market IDIOTS

oh right none of you even have jobs or money or whatever and still live with your parents so just keep buying porn and my little pony dvds or whatever you freaks get off on.

I saw “BTW Bitcoins have returned…” in the forum list

and I thought “… in POG FORM!”

Suddenly my mining rig is worth valuable non-fiat money again.

dude i totally DO still live with my parents i was gonna move out midway through this year and they were totally like NAW DAWG

edit: also i don’t believe you.

Oh zepp, you didn’t clarify. Are these the trading prices on Magic: the Gathering Online Exchange?

They better have returned over 500% as well. I still have pogs! Tons of em. Somewhere, in an old toy box, I think, unless my mom cleaned them out. Some with Alf on them, and Mickey Mouse, and shiny ones and glittery ones and even a metal one. Those things better be fucking valuable now, because that would make me a Pog millionaire.

I still have my Megaman X pogs from my old subscription to Nintendo Power, if they’re worth anything.

Meanwhile, I have an Allan Grant for every 5 Velociraptors that should now be worth a small fortune [STRIKE]in bitcoins[/STRIKE].

i was just checking out the teen celeb rp in the rping forum and you are all |absolute| faggots


I’m convinced it’s just one person with many different personalities literally just RPing with himself over and over and over.

Meta-RPing. One person role playing as multiple people role playing as young adult romance vampires.

this place is just infested with mental illness

Welcome to the Internet.

Also I had to return my bitcoins to the store and all I got was this lousy sweater. :no2:

hey FAGGOT i would ruin you in a real life version of super smash brothers

back to my original point, being that I run into Grandaddy maybe once a year and have a delightful bit of music listening. it’s too bad I have no meth or suboxone (really the only shit i touch anymore) so it’s more like well i can hear this music going on that i could be enjoying the shit out of but nope my brainplace is really just not interested

Man. That person really needs to get with the times. He should be role playing as multiple people role playing subs in multiple concurrent BSDM relationships.

I’ll never convert to your goddamn commie bitcoins. >:(

(Pogs as currency on the other hand, I will accept.)

I use my dick as a sofa sometimes