BSG The End! (Note: Spoilers)

It’s over! Did anyone else watch it?

It was good, great, excellent, mediocore, and then excellent again.

But the last twenty seconds? Really? Ron Moore, you didn’t need to do that to us. Respect us enough to get the message - or at least allow us the pleasure of arguing about it.

As a matter of fact, it was so hamfisted I believe it was just a bad way to end the show. The moments prior to that were some fo the most poignant parts of the episode, perhaps the series.

Roslin and Adama…that cabin on the hill. That subtle moment of redemption when Baltar notes that, yes, he does know how to farm - and we know what that means. We know what that admission really represents and so does Caprica and Gaius cries.

But my favorite moment was the “vision” of the Opera House coming to life. What was so excellent about it was how it was done. Bear McCreary’s steady use of Passacaglia and then returning us to the mystery of the First season and tying it together as Baltar steps into the light of destiny, Caprica Six by his side. The music swirls, the dark reality of war is juxtaposed with the gleaming light of the future, of a Promise to Return - and as they find themselves drawn by a vision that states that they’ve suffered into truth, that they’ve suffered for a purpose…they walk into the CIC.

The music winds down. Caprica and Baltar are greeted with blood rather than light. There are dead officers slumped at their stations. We see one of the Simon’s bleeding profusely and Admiral Adama kicks him like he’s a piece of trash.

That’s BSG for you.

I thought the last 20 seconds was really wtf. I had already accepted them as hallucinations in their heads and then they’re just there without any explanation.

Starbuck’s disappearance. They may just be leaving it open for a spinoff or she could have just walked off while Lee was talking. Either way, I don’t like how they did it.

I thought it was tongue in cheek when they had Anders connect to the Basestar hybrid and she has this look of elation when Galatica rams and penetrates the ship.

Baltar’s admission about farming was a nice bit of comic relief to end all that violence.

Actually there’s a certain scene in like the third or fourth season where Baltar’s on the ass end of an ass beating but despite his every attempt to play dead his hallucination kept dragging him back up into the air, and at one point you get to see all this from the ass kickers perspective and he’s literally dangling by his coat.

And besides I took the whole divine intervention thing as just a homage to the original series which also had a lot of godly monkey business going on.

And while the ending does devolve into a bit o’ pretentious doomsday foreshadowing much like the Terminator series. At least we don’t have to deal with a season or two of some random colonials swooping in like the A Team on hoverbikes in order to prepare Earth for the eventual cylon invasion.

I was also a bit disappointed that the Admiral did not get an epic death scene like his predecessor.

Btw, quick question. Was Anders rank ever Colonel at one point in the series?

I almost shed a tear a few times watching the finale. This pseudo-psycho melodrama sprinkled with superb FXs really got me hooked.
I hope the spin-offs live up to the expectations.

Ha-ha. Nice analogy.

Not sure about his Colonel rank, but I am 100% certain that he was a Captain once …

Captain of the Caprica Buccaneers! :wink:

You do realize that I kept thinking of him as Col. S.Anders (especially with all those KFC ads playing during commercial breaks).