Browsing Issue

This problem began yesterday, and I think I need some help. I’ve noticed that it takes me an extremly long time to type in boxes when I’m on webpages (you wouldn’t believe how much of this I’ve typed without being able to see it), and then some sites are very slow, as in beyond slow, almost turtle-like, when others are normal. This has turned into one of my slow sites. On other sites things are sort-of slow, and on others things are perfectly normal. I’m on a cable modem, so I don’t think I should have this issue.

Can someone help me? Please?

<img src=“”> Run <a href=“”>Ad-aware</a>, <a href=“”>Spybot</a> and <a href=“”>Regclean</a>. That should speed up your computer considerably if your registry hasn’t been cleaned in a while/you have a bunch of spyware.

If you have any transparent windows, make sure they aren’t visible while your computer is actually trying to do anything. With every little bit of input, it has to refresh the screen. Unfortunately, windows sucks for calculating the resulting color of the transparent stuff, which results in mucho laggo.

Also be sure to have stuff like filter keys disabled. It may slow typing down in certain text boxes.

Okay, I ran the programs and cleaned some things up, but it’s still doing it. I haven’t changed any of my settings so that issues like this could be happening. Thanks for the suggestions, but does anyone possibly have any others?

(For what I said about the settings - I’m not sure how to change those things, so by my own logic I don’t see how they could be an issue. If they still could, please tell me.)

Thanks for your help so far.

edit - I’ve tried another browser, and it’s fine, so this is definitely an IE problem.