Browser and Antivirus

Ok, I’m getting a new laptop pretty soon for college (yay) and I was wondering what browser/antivirus I should use. I’ve been using IE and Norton, but now I’m looking for something a little less…sucky. What would you guys recommend? Oh, and a firewall too, I guess.

And I am going to be using Vista, so don’t even start with the LINUX OMG ROXORS crap.

Firefox or Opera and NOD or ClamAV or Symantec Corporate Anti-Virus?

It it’s crap. Maybe a bit exaggurated, but not crap. Vista is.

Firefox and AVG. It’s simple and gets the job done.

Firefox and Avira. Same deal as above, but I just dig Avira a lot more.

I’d also like to stress trying to stick with XP. You want stability for college, not a heavy as shit OS which isn’t out of beta yet.

I just got a new computer with Vista. The stats are pretty high for it to run well… not sure how laptops do it. ^^; But with a bit of tweaking Vista’s just fine, provided you don’t have a bunch of weird programs to run or all those funny “peripheral devices” I keep hearing about…

Seriously, if you just need Word/Internet/Halo, Vista’s okay. The problem is that XP is going out the window at some point (within the next few years) and I had no interest in buying a computer with an OS that was destined to die out before the computer’s lifespan. There are a few teething issues but nothing AWFUL.

I’m not saying that Linux sucks, or that Vista is amazing. I’m just saying that I’m GOING to get Vista, because I’m going to get it. I gotta play Shadowrun somehow. Anyways, it looks like Firefox is pretty much unanimous, but the antivirus isn’t. Time to roll the die…