Brother, could you spare a few US dollars?

I’m trying to purchase this before the auction ends, but unfortunately, I’m a few dollars short, and I won’t be able to transfer funds in time because it takes 8 days to transfer, and my bank account is drained as it is, until my paycheque comes in next week.

The total cost of the item with the shipping will be $8.40 in US funds, to my understanding (6 dollars plus $2.40 US funds for the shipping), but I’ve only got 5 dollars in my account at the moment.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could possibly lend me the money. Of course, I would make it up to you, either by paying you back, paying you back with a bit of interest (be reasonable), or possibly sending you one of my SNES doubles.

Please? I’m desperate.

what, you must be dirt poor, only 5 bucks, well i could lend you money, but you would have to give me addres or somting like that, i dont have a credit card by the way, im only 15.

Thanks for your offer, but it’d have to be sent via Paypal. And I’m not dirt poor; I just haven’t been getting a lot of work lately. Even if I had, I don’t have enough money left in my Paypal account, and it takes 8 days to transfer money over to it, while the auction ends in 6.

I’d offer, but my paypal account is bone dry at the moment as well.

Yeah… I sent my last 3.60 to RPGC. and spent the rest of my available funds for connectors for my stupidass self who forgot them when ordering the PC :\

I’m a generous guy, but the paypal account I use is my Dad’s. I can use it 'cause he trusts me, but explaining that I gave any amount of money to someone I don’t know to be a nice guy, would end said trust.

Sorry. Good luck.

I’d love to aswell, but I drained my paypal buying an N64 and ocarina of time!!!
This is very nice and all, but it keeps me from aiding you. So now I’m all depressed.

Dumb question - What’s involved with transferring the funds in PayPal?

edit - I’m so dumb today. I don’t keep a balance in my PayPal account, because I’ve only used it to pay for my auctions on eBay. Looking up though, it says that it would take 3-4 business days max to add funds to my account (is that wrong?), but then how long is it supposed to take for a transfer of funds from one person to another? Isn’t that supposed to be fast?

edit again - I’m willing to help you, but if I can’t transfer the money into the account and then to you, I guess my hands are tied. God this is an off day for me.

A transfer to another person is pretty much instantaneous, but adding funds from a bank account takes 3-4 business days if you live in the USA, but 7-8 if you live in Canada.

I really appreciate everyone’s incentive, and I’d be ecstatic if you could help me out, Vicki! I’ll make it up to you for sure!

So, I really could be able to help you then… in US dollars? :smiley:

Yep! US dollars are exactly what I need! 8)

Thank you! It goes without saying that I absolutely NEED this game for my collection, and for helping me obtain it, you have my eternal gratitude! 8) 8) 8)

You’re in luck then. :smiley: I’ll put my transfer request in tonight.

You may want to wait a few days to make sure no one else bids. Just a suggestion Dalton, a week is a long time, but then again, the game is pretty obscure.

You raise a good point, Epic. But I won’t be able to bid until the money Vicki transferred into her account actually gets to her account, which takes about 4 days. At that time, I’ll be sure to bid on it, and if I don’t end up getting it, I’ll definitely send the money back to her.

Speaking of which… what do I owe you for compensation? 8)

I dunno, when ever I buy something through paypal, I never keep money in my account and it just gets instantly transfered from my bank account that’s linked with it (I just sent trill some money for a print and I believe it didn’t take 4 days). I guess adding funds directly is a different situation.

That’s what I wondered… the rules seem to be different between Canadian and US PayPal accounts, yes?

Well, I just looked and it would take me 4 days to transfer money into my paypal account from my bank account, but I’m still pretty positive any time I’ve bought anything from ebay or sent anyone money the transfer didn’t take that long. Like I said, I don’t keep any money in my paypal account.

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