Brokeback Mountain

Commonly referred to as “The gay cowboy movie”, Brokeback Mountain has been getting rave reviews from critics. It’s nearing Oscar time, so I kinda wanna catch all the good last minute releases, but at the same time I don’t wanna sit through two and a half hours of gay fishing trips.

Has anybody seen it?

Well, according to my local listings, it doesn’t come out in Dallas until the 16th.

I might look into it. I dunno if I’ll end up seeing it. I don’t mind the “gay” so much as the “cowboy” part. I’ll probably wait until one of my friends tells me it’s good.

As my one friend commented,

“South Park got it completely right.”

There was an episode of South Park years ago where a film festival comes to town, and gay cowboy movies play a role.

Do they eat pudding?

Substitute “lesbian cowgirls” for “gay cowboys” and it’s bound to be a critics and audience success.

I don’t think too many movie reviewers want to risk being labeled as a homophobe by giving the movie a bad review.

That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad; from what I’ve seen/read/heard of the story it’s got openings for a pretty deep character study, and it’s covering narrative territory in the Western genre that, wonder of wonders, <i>hasn’t</i> been retread a bajillion times. Which is theoretically good for any genre. Now, if we can only have a gay adventure flick…

As far as commercial succes, I dunno. It doesn’t seem to fall into any of the commercial niches where it would be easy to promote. I doubt you could sell it as a date movie, nor a romantic comedy, nor a straight action/adventure flick (pun very much intended). If it draws enough fire over content though, it could bring in some o’ those controversy dollars.

Then again, it might be successful in video release after failing in theaters, like <i>The Princess Bride</i> did.

Sorc why are you posting about gay cowboys? :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen this movie yet, but all the fags I know keep RAVING about it. ohgod

Apparently it is more aptly nicknamed “bearback mountain”. >.>;

It will probably suck anyways, stupid token gay movies and their gender-normative depiction of reality. >=(


I’m not seeing this because Ang Lee directed it. Every movie I’ve seen that involves him manages to be atrocious, and I’m not taking any risks when he’s directing something.