Brokeback Mountain: A Review

After seeing the movie last night, I must say it probably really did only get the good reviews that it did because it is a token gay movie.

Having said that, the movie, for what it was, was not bad. The pace of the film is needlessly slow in some parts, and for the first 20 minutes I found myself wondering if I was going to fall asleep. However, it does have an odd captivating charm, but nothing to make me want to pay to see it again.

The acting was quite good, though it was obvious neither of the two main characters even had a clue what gay sex was really like. The supporting actors all did a fantastic job however, and it really brought something to the film. The dialog, when there was any— apparently heteronormative cowboys do not talk, ever; so gay cowboys trying to be heteronormative talk even less. The body language does a good job of filling in the dead scenes, and in the end you really do get a feel for the characters.

The music was basically non-existent. When it was sad they played X cord. When it was depressing and angsty they played Y cord, and when it was somewhat happy they played Z cord. That is about the extent of the music.

Over all, I suggest seeing this movie, but I wouldn’t say you should traverse the world to get to it. It is worth seeing for what it is, a Hollywood portrayal of homosexuality in the sixties and seventies. Even Hollywood has to be based on something. It was enjoyable, depressing, but nothing magical. I give it 6.5 out of 10 at best. Watch it if you have nothing better to do, if not rent it when it comes out on video.



Although since I generally don’t like slow movies, maybe I won’t. Thanks for the headsup. >>;

Haven’t seen it, but I’ll look out for it at the rental place. ^^

South Park was right, save for the eating pudding part.

You should see this hentai called Sensitive Pornograph. It’s about two gay manga artists getting it on

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This thread is about a movie, it wasn’t titled “post gay porn cartoons you liked”.

It didn’t give me a boner, i just thought it was funny as hell

There’s a straight hentai called Hooligan i thought was funny, but it wasn’t sexy. But who cares

But I also watched coyote ugly without getting a boner


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Nobody asked you if it “gave you a boner;” it was only mentioned that it was off topic.

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I saw that movie on Saturday. Wasn’t a bad movie, would have rather watched Narnia. My friends absolutely loved it though and will wind up going to see it more times once they go home for break.

How did the movie end? For some reason I more prone to watch a movie when I know what happens in the end. Probly cause I don’t like surprize endings.

Rocks fall, everybody dies. Very depressing.

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