Britney gets wronged tatoo for the 2nd time

Where I live we have a saying that goes “Mistaking is human, but making the same mistake repeatedly is retarded”.

Brit went real deep in Cabala. To express her faith in it, she had a tatoo made on the back of her neck with hebraic symbols. She wanted it to mean “new year” or “new age”. However, the artist cheated her, for the symbols drawn have no meaning at all.

Today I was reading my obscure tabloids and there was a note on her. She got another tatoo, this time in japanese. She asked the artist to write “mysterious”. But the actual word she got in this one is “weird”. This was discovered by a friend of hers. Britney’s friend, who had the same symbol tatooed, got the translation from a japanese woman who went LOL after seeing the tatoo by accident.


Well, its not really her fault. Sucks for her though.

Lemme break it down. Basically I believe her reason for going into the Kabbalah is because she’s trying to make every facet of her career like Madonna’s, that and she needs something to do b/c her career’s about as interesting as watching paint dry. When she got all freaky deeky with Madonna in that stupid MTV awards show, she’s basically trying to make her image like a Madonna protege. I never trust those Asian character tattoos. Unless you really know what and how what you want looks like, just stick to something more traditional. I’m getting a Gaelic tattoo, and I know what it looks like in case I get screwed over. Britney’s an idiot, never ever take her seriously unless she does something to prove her seriousness.

What a moron. :thud:

That seems very fitting to me. I’d laugh if I weren’t tired of hearing about the stupid things she’s done.

I doubt that Britney Spears has any real Qabalistic ties…

Do you have a link of some sort to a non-tabloid news site to prove this? Also… why should we care if she gets a stupid tattoo? Also, the Japanese tattoo thing is old news.

Meh, tatoos are never worth it in the end. You’d think with all of her money, she would be able to get a tatoo artist who knew what he was forever scaring on her body.

Well, “strange” and “mysterious” are close in meaning… maybe the tattoo artist really just made an honest mistake.

Celebrities. Is there anything they won’t do wrong?

I wish she’d stop copying Madonna and start copying Karen Carpenter.

“Hey, do you mean write her own songs, or starve herself to death?”

Either suits me.

If you want a vague tattoo, just get tribal. Don’t get something written on you in in another language unless you know for sure what it means… e.g. getting “black power” in japanese, only to later find that it means “black pepper”.

And tat artists shouldn’t make honest mistakes, because they’re PERMANENT. I’ve got tat’s everywhere, no mistakes, and I’m not even a damn celebrity. My artist rules.

Despite their entertaining nature, their whole existence is wrong. I know Fox Network or MTV shows have certainly given me that mindset, with schlock like “The Simple Life” or “Punk’d.” I’d rather burn myself with an iron stick than watch an entire season of that celebrity shit. And speaking of Punk’d, Ashton sucks and anything Von Dutch blows.

She would have gotten it lasered off. She has the money.

Just a minute, who gives a fuck about Britney Spears?

Indeed, it’s always a thing with those signs… one dot or line more or less can change the meaning completely.
It’s old news though, it seems to happen all the time :stuck_out_tongue: I doubt it’s the fault of the tattoo artist; some chinese or Japanese guys were probably pissed off and sold wrong characters to print them in the tattoo books or something.

“Experience is the thing which makes us notice that we fucked the same thing up the second time.”

HA… ha… shes so stupid for wanting those. No one goes around with hysterious in english on there arm because its stupid, but in japanese it must be cool.

What the… I think that her words (or not) say it better than i can:

Whoops! I did it again!

Big Nutter
(Prefers Weird Al - Whoops I farted again!)

I hate it when people have to try and take after somebody else…why can’t people be their own person nowdays? :\

It’s doomed to happen when you want to walk around with something written in a foreign language you don’t understand. I’m pretty sure a lot of people walk around with t-shirts reading ‘I bought this t-shirt thinking it read sexy. It really reads ‘I am a retard. Kick my behind’.’