British names

What is wrong with you fucking people? Its weird enough there is a place called Middlesex. I’m reading headlines now about a flood in cockermouth. Better yet, its in the region of cumbria. I wish I was making this shit up.

And London! What the fuck kind of name is that!

In before Scunthorpe.

I know it’s not a location, but how about spotted dick

Or the Great Tit.

The Paps of Jura!

As a british person i feel entitled to add ‘some’…

Cockinton — Ramsbottom — Cockibottom (all in manchester)
Bitchfield — Bad Cock ----Asick Bottom ---- Backside ---- Badger
Bell End---- Beeby ---- Beer ----Besses o’th’ Barn ---- Biggar
Bishops Itchington ---- Blubberhouses
Bottom Head ---- Bogend ----Bucklers Hard ---- Bummers Hill
Burpham Bush ----Buttock Point ---- Buttocks Booth
Chess ---- Cock Bridge ----Cocking ---- Cocklick End
Cockpole Green ---- Cockermouth
Crackpot ---- Crapstone ----Crook of Devon (Scotland) ---- Currie
Dead Dogdyke ---- Dole ---- Droop
Duck End ---- Dyke ---- Fatfield ---- Fattahead
Fingringhoe ---- Foul End ---- Gaywood ---- Goosey
Great Fryupdale ---- Great Snoring ----Ham ---- Happy Bottom
Hetton-le-Hole ---- Horsey Windpump
Hungry Law ---- Kingston Bagpuize ----Lickfold ---- Leatherhead
Lickey End ---- Locksbottom ---- Loggerheads
Looe ---- Loose ----Lover ----Lower Slaughter
Muff ----Muffworthy ---- Nasty
Nether Wallop ---- New York (theres one here as well as USA)
Nobber ---- No Place ---- Old Wives’ Lees
Oldtown of Ord ---- Once Brewed ---- Outcast ---- Pant
Penistone ---- Peover Superior ---- Piddle
Piddlehinton ---- Piddletrenthide ---- Pity Me
Plucks Gutter ---- Plush ---- Pratts Bottom ----Quaking Houses
Ramsbottom ---- Rashy Height ---- Ring of Kerry
Salt ---- Sandwich (actually where it originated)
Shaggie Burn ----Sheepy Magna ---- Skinners Bottom
Slack ---- Slaggyford ---- Snodland
Spital-in-the-Street ---- Splatt ---- Splott
Street ---- The Hard ---- Thong ---- Thrashbush
Three Cocks ---- Titsey ----Titty Hill ---- Toe Head
Tumby Woodside ---- Twatt ---- Twydall ---- Ugley
Upper Dicker ---- Upper Thong ---- Wetwang
Wideopen ---- Willey ---- Wormegay

Thank you…

I love British names. Very imaginative and have funny origins I’d imagine. Maybe it’s because I’m part British but I’d rather have locations named like cockinfields or bubblesbrawth instead of toronto and edmonton.

I assume the British had sex on the mind when coming up with these imaginative names?

Either way, they’re all rather silly names, but still pretty funny.

I rather like the name Pity Me. =p

Bloody Peasants!

“Good eve to thee, comely lass. I am the Duke of Pratts Bottom, and I beseech thy companionship and possibly court thee. What say the… why art thou laughing thy breeches off, wench? … Bloody Americans.”

Yeah, it went just that way. Pompous nobles.

If there’s no interesting etymology, it’s no fun.

I had no idea there was a place called Upper Dicker

I enjoyed that list quite a bit

These are great but I don’t think anything will ever beat the village of Fucking in Austria founded by Focko.

Oh, and Lake Titicaca. Makes me laugh every time.

I dunno. Upper Dicker and Buttock Point have a lot more comedic value I think.