Bring out your dead...

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous… :noway:

Haha, i read about this. God i fucking hate the **AA so much. They’re such fuckheads. Like the time they sued the 12 year old orphan? I think they do shit like this to scare the general public, not to actually make a difference. If they wanted to truely stop piracy (which is impossible, but whatever), they’d go after real pirates, not John-Q-EndUser, who uses KaZaa to download some Ozzy.

And though not 100% related to this thread, these are pretty hilarious too (some samples of the bullshit these anti-piracy groups do)-<a href=“”>Here</a>.

I will represent those dead people in court if they give me free sex.

Wait. Only one, and died at 83. Nevermind. Offer Revoked. Damn non-sexy, inanimate dead.

Death is no obstacle to feeling the long arm of the Recording Industry Ass. of America.

I know what that stands for, but it’s still funny.

But they really are getting desperate. It seems they don’t understand Illegal File Sharing is like a cockroach, for each one you kill, there’s ten more to take it’s place.

Only it’s like a radioactive mutaroach, 'cos for every one you kill, not only to ten take it’s place, but it comes back ,strong as ever, a few weeks later.

Wat are they going to do? I mean really…“I’m sorry, but we are going to reposses your coffin and all your dirt with 3 feet of” stuff?

See, thats why I love good ol’ Canada. The RIAA can bitch all they want at Americans and sue them out the wazoo…be they living, dead, poor or rich…but up here in Canada…the courts were all “Ok, it’s bad…but we don’t care so we’re gonna make it not exactly illegal to share files.”

not exactally…?

LOL, that’s funny stuff. :sunglasses: It’s nice to be Swedish, ya?

blinkblink Ooookay. One has to wonder…

Still, when will they get it? Suing might get one or two people, but it won’t deter the rest.

When I read the title of the thread, I thought it might have something to do with Montey Python(I think that’s how you spell it). Still funny all the same.

I like the way my highschool math teacher put it.

Let’s say I buy an album and rip it. Then I make a couple copies of it and give it to my friends. What I did was not illegally distributing an album. I was legally making a backup copy for my own use. If my house were to burn down I could rest easy knowing that a copy of my CD was safe and sound.

If my friend’s house burned down I could still rest easy, knowing there was at least one more copy that was safe and sound.

Research, think, then sue.

Well, the reason why they’re specifically targeting “John-Q-Endusers” is because they think that if they randomly sue some of them, most of the others will become afraid to share files, and thus the networks will die out due to lack of participation. They’re using this tactic because the networks are becoming more decentralized and thus more difficult to eliminate directly.

Don’t hastle the dead, people voted for Welstone for govenor of minnesota when he was dead

In theory, it might work. It seems to me, however, that these folks are preaching to the choir.

I used to download music, and I used to use illegal programs like RM2K. I don’t do that anymore. Sure, I help my Dad burn DVD’s, but I’ll stop that when I get my own place. Point of the matter is, these guys are saying if we sue these folks some people are certain to realize that this is wrong and that we can sue them if they continue.

Alright, so I decided not to do it anymore because of morals. I already know it’s wrong, and the people who are already doing it, and still do already know it’s wrong. They also know that the chances of you suing all of them is…probably impossible. I’m part of the choir, and we’re not only getting bored, but slightly irritated. Well, me at least.

Personally, the only reason I download mp3s is because albums suck. I will not shell out 25$ or more for arguably the worst album in history if it contains the song I want, and that is EXACTLY what they want us to do. However, I don’t jump on a moral high horse saying I’m doing this for the good of music. Hell, I’m doing this for myself and I seriously fucking know it. However, for every bad album I avoid by D/Ling an mp3. I usually buy an album I KNOW I’m going to love completely. That doesn’t justify my illegality, but hey, I’m supporting the artists that I find interesting and GOOD instead of supporting the insipid motherfuckers that don’t know good music from a kick in the ass.

Too bad the industry doesn’t share my point of view on this.

The point I usually make is that morals are subjective. That’s all.

Dev’s link wins points for calling the lawyers prokaryotes.

Oy. I’m starting to think the phrase “moron” over and over again.