brief memo to ALL or REGULAR visitors of the boards

does sign of the cross

as a followup, these users have been banned for all that activity the first post refers to:

KaiserBasara - 2 months (02/27)

Steve - 3 weeks (02/06)

Jenna, KexMex, Starstorm, Valkryie Esker, Pierson - 1 week (01/23)

Please bear in mind that upon any of these users return, attempts to incite, aggravate or otherwise provoke poor conduct will be met with immediate discipline. To keep coming to our community you’re going to have to not act like obnoxious jerks or like schoolyard bullies.

Essentially this is our enforcement of the no vigilanteism rule.

flaming/trolling/spamming are also being enforced, against both Basara and those other ne’er do wells.