brief memo to ALL or REGULAR visitors of the boards

To: Forum Community
From: Merlin
CC: Mods and Admins

Re: Conduct of and Relating Towards KaiserBasara

Greetings. Recently there are two problems around here disrupting our forum life.

  1. KaiserBasara’s posting
  2. Everyone else posting about KaiserBasara

Frankly I’m sick of the issues stemming from both, and I’m sure many mods/admins feel the same way. This is going to be resolved fairly quickly. There are two things I want.

Kaiser. You need to put some more intelligence and effort into your posting. I don’t really care what your opinion of the quality of your comments are. Many others are finding them to be either spamming, derailing, disruptive or otherwise bothering other users and the administration. This means your posting habits are deficient. I don’t care how this is fixed, but if you don’t start improving how you communicate or portray yourself around here you are going to face some sort of ban.

Everyone else. A number of you other forum goers (you know who you are) have been making it a past-time to antagonize, incite, argue, or otherwise complicate things with Kaiser. This is trolling and user persecution and spam. It’s gotten so out of hand that it has spilled into the posts of the mods/admins too. We don’t want it. You are to stop this sort of behavior immediately or you too will face bans. I hated class bullies as a kid and I’m not going to let that happen here. Be constructive or you won’t get any juice boxes at snack time.

As well, the mods and admins are currently ALREADY considering bans for both Kaiser and people around here who have bothered him. This may or may not actually happen, I think the whole thing has gotten so intertwined that it may not emerge. This memo is meant to tell you all of that impending decision, and also to serve as a standing warning that many people are || close from a time out. We may STILL ban people anyway regardless of this general warning; but we’ll see how it shakes out.

I do not consider either side “at-blame”. Both Kaiser’s actions and the actions of everyone else in concert have caused these problems; it is not to be attributed to any individual or group but it has become a cyclical thing. It’s time to break the wheel.

That’s it. Bear in mind that if this stuff keeps cropping up again, you are likely to be held mutually liable. Meaning that it is very possible that if bans have to be meted out that they will apply to all responsible parties without favoritism. I want all involved to know that they sink or swim together.

Back to fun times at RPGC Agora.

Rather sad that this thread had to be made, imho.

One of these threads gets made every few seasons, Cro.

I say we take a page from Stalin: we ban an offender, then we send his or her entire family to die in Siberia. Anyone with me?

Siberia’s overdone, let’s dump them in the Sahara Desert so it will be more original!

Well, I still think Setz is funnier. Just reading is too much, let alone contribution.

Let’s all play nice.

Does Devilon’s ban have anything to do with this?

I was thinking about that, what did Dev do?

Trolling, flaming, spamming. But mostly annoying constant catchphrases.

I never had a problem with Kaiser Basara. Coarse that may be because I don’t really care about what he says.

THANK YOU. I didn’t find any of those posts mocking him, in the least bit comical. I think it’s understandable when a person says something to him here and there, but blowing it totally out of proportion in every thread he posts in is just ridiculous and irritating. It was…funny’s cousin, unfunny. Glad to see it will stop.

/end of intolerance mode

Okay Uncle Merlin. :3

Yeah seriously, if you don’t wanna read someone’s posts, there IS an ‘Add user to ignore list’ option under the user’s View Profile. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes we do. We don’t have the privaledge of ignoring mods/admins.

That and I mod a larger forum, with far more idiots than this place. You have no idea about that one.

Except mods and admins don’t sound like Setz and Basara.

You do? Well where the fu- Well where is it?

wait a minu-

We have the ability, Xelo, but on this forum (as it is the only one that matters, thereby excluding you from the word “We”), we have decided that mods and admins (and ops in the chatroom) may not ignore users. It’s a matter reading all the posts. We do not have the priviledge.

anyway, memo received. Closing thread

(I think Xelo actually sent me the link to his forums once)

I’m sorry to hear that, Merlin.

Good god Merlin, I’m sorry.