Breath of Fire ques

Of course, I’m sure certain people grab that everytime, with her PARed-up übercharacters. Since she’s so interested in getting every little snippet out of a game. Of course, I’m polite enough not to name names. I’ve been placated. :stuck_out_tongue:

But then you don’t get to do all the fun stuff like slaving away for more than an hour trying to do some actual freaking damage while somehow keeping your characters alive! Fun!

IIRC, Bleu is more of a bonus chracter in both games, right? So perhaps that’s just part of the bonus aspect… You get an uber character for a while that is head and shoulders above everyone else…

You could use Agni, but it makes the battle very easy. Skip it if you’re looking for a challenge.

And Bleu isn’t an optional character in BoF1.

And so I remember the days when I did not know of Agni, and beat Tyr by myself.

moans in pain

You’re not the only one. Believe me. groan

On top of that, my first time through the game, I never got any of the Dragon forms besides the Whelps.

I was stupid.

I remember doing that. Stupid deranged girl.

I once tried to make a chart, but gave up.
Level 41 (~110,000EXP). Learns Comet.
Level 42 is at 200,000
Level 43 (way beyond bored) is 300,000.
Level 44 is 380,000 (I don’t know why I went that high once. That is way beyond what you need to win the game)

Last I got Nina to was 46, and with her final undead-attacking spell (Z0mX).
Somehow managed to get a glitch once that near-fully healed Bleu’s AP in the final battle (which you need Agni to enter, which lets you see the real ending).
I wonder if it had something to do with the glitch in the US SNES BoF1, where if you hold SELECT the entire time you choose commands, the party’s max HP/AP is shown during the next round, instead of current HP/AP? (the JP version automatically changes it back to current when closing the menu, and the GBA version uses a bar meter instead).

Nina can’t use the StarHR - the only character who can use it is OX.If you want to check that out without playing through the game to find it then use these PAR codes to generate it in the 1st item position- Make sure the 1st item position is blank- use 7E514027 & 7E514111.That will give you the StarHR- it has an offensive power of 210.
The Mallet, another weapon used by OX has an offensive power of 255.If you want to get that item using a PAR code instead of trying to get it in the game which is very difficult use—7E514026 & 7E514111.----i have a save at the start of the game with these items----

Nina can’t equip the Star Hammer, but she can use it to cast Comet. Any character can.