Breath of Fire ques

How is it, that Bleu levels up insanely faster than everyone else? In BOTH games? I’ve always wondered, but never asked.

Her EXP requirements are lower than everybody else, I think. In BoFI it doesn’t matter since everyone is a freaking wimp compared to Ryu and it’s not that noticeable in BoFII, she eventually falls behind Nina in matter of firepower.

Eventually she has this huge gap between one level and the next. I think it’s the one right ofter learning Comet. This also happens with Nina, but I think the gap is even bigger.

Why why why?

edit: and when does the nina uber-level up happen?

You’d probably have to ask Capcom why, since they’re the ones who designed it that weird, weird way.

I only got up to level 50ish before getting bored, and that was long ago, but I remember that when they were around level 40, Nina started doing slightly more damage than Bleu and the difference grew a bit with each new level.

Level 50? Where did you level up? Dayum.

In the room right before Deathevans (And directly after Barubary) there’s a save point, a water spring and the monsters give the most experience in the game. I just wanted to see everyone’s skills so I kept training there. Ryu went up to a freaking level 70, I could beat Evans without even using the morphs :smiley:

Ah you’re talking about BoF2. I meant BoF1

BoF1 Nina is a healer, there’s no way she can do more damage than Bleu :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but does she have the uber level up ability

With the Star Hammer item she could.

Where is that thing?

In the room where you fight Jade, behind either the throne or one of the pillars. Rather moot at that point, even against the last boss, since Nina will likely be healing or casting defensive spells every round.

I thought the Emperor Sword was in the throne.

Ah, right. It is. But you might as well nab that while you’re at it.

Well ok so where is the hammer

Well I only know BoFII Bleu and she comes into the game late…so maybe that can explain her leveling faster than the other characters. I didn’t get far enough in BoFI.

Behind one of the columns. :wink:

Agni. >>
(Of course that takes Nina out of the battle anyway, but still.)