Breath of Fire III to Breath of Fire IV

So, yesterday, for my birthday I sat down and finally finished up Breath of Fire III (which I first started shortly after it came out, and restarted twice). God, that game annoys me. Let me tell you how. First, in many points in the game the battles are just plain annoying, like the lighthouse. I remember being killed cheaply there many, many wonderful times. Next, for most of the game the enemies give you very little experience or gold, making leveling up a bitch (once you get to the desert this changes). Moving on, the way the game handles the characters. Many times the game forces you to use a certain character (for example, you need Momo to blow open doors in certain dungeons) not only for extra tasks, but simply to move on in the game. If, for example, you’re in one of the last dungeons and you need Momo, who you stopped using seriously 20 or 25 gameplay hours ago, you have to bring her along and waste a lot of time fighting the battles because your third party member is basically dead weight. Also, after even the shortest of story sequences the game usually changes your active party members, which is annoying because it just takes so damn long to navigate the necessary menus (and first, to get to a save point or set camp outside). It’s not like those things take too long individually, but do it every 5 minutes (at times) and it adds up. Lastly, the masters. The game forces you to backtrack and talk to each master at a set location in order to learn the skills you’ve leveled up for. This can mean needing to travel half the world over again. Given that if you want to learn all the master’s skills, you need to do this every two or three levels in some cases. Also, even if you don’t care about the skills and just want the stat bonuses, you can’t change masters except by talking to the specific one you want to change to directly. This added a lot of needless travel time to the game, once again.

Ok, so I’m not just whining about BoF III, I just posted all that because I want to know whether I should start playing BoF IV. Based on what I wrote above, would I like it? Keep in mind, although I think BoF III had plenty of issues, I still loved its old-school feel, especially the vivid colors used for all the beautiful 2D monsters. Its version of the fishing game absolutely KICKED ASS, too (I lost my deep diver lure on my third cast, though…). So, for those who’ve played, how’s BoF IV?

I agree, I just couldn’t stand BoF 3 enough to beat it. However, when I first got BoF 4 I was completely hooked, it’s better in just so many ways.

I’m no good at reviewing specific parts of games but I do know that playing BoF 4 for 15 hours straight while not being able to play BoF 3 for 5 minutes has gotta count for something.

I would advise you to rent it out for a few days before you buy it though, just so you get an idea of what the game is like.

Agreed on the BoF3 thing. In the first third of the game, it’s impossible to raise levels and GP considerably because it’s so hard to get. I enjoyed the game once it picked up though, especially after they grew up. (How old exactly is Momo? >.>)

The fishing and the fairy village was fun. Especially the village I had good times with that (little things like that amuse me)

I couldn’t get into BoF4 after playign for a half hour. I just couldn’t and I don’t know why. I suppose I should try and find it again. Maybe all my patience were drained after going through BoF3.

4 has the advantage of you having everyone with you all the time; No need going back to camp to change chars…

I didn’t like the look as much as I did #3’s…

Soundtrack okay…

Two (kinda) storylines was cool too…

Didn’t like the Dragon System as much…

It’s kinda easier…

It has those few annoying parts aswell… (CAMERA)

Problems you had with BoF III:

-Annoying battles.
(There really aren’t too many as long as you take care to level up decently. Experience is evenly divided up between your characters, so there won’t be anyone really lagging, like Peco was for me.)

-Little experience or gold.
(Not really too much of a problem, especially since there are certain enemies that you can easily harvest for eventually 65K+ exp. Overall, you’ll just have to grit and level once or twice.)

-Forced to use a certain character.
(Sure, there are character specific puzzles, but you carry your whole team with you… including in battle. FFX, eat your heart out.)

(A real bitch in III, it was improved on immensely in IV. You can get skills in a variety of ways with them, and you can switch without penalty. IIRC, you still have to talk with the Master to get the skill and/or switch, but you get a nifty teleportation skill if you keep on talking to Sock-Puppet Kid.

If you liked III fishing, I think you’ll adore IV fishing.

Granted, there are some flaws (as Maba said, the soundtrack is hit or miss and the art style isn’t everyone’s taste, plus you only get to play the coolest dragon ever on rare occasions and the camera is movable but still awkward and you have to do a lot of exploring to find the Dragons). I still like the game, and from what you’ve said, you’ll like it too.

The only thing that really got on my nerves in BoF III was those damn mini games. One after another.

I can’t find BoF IV.:eek:

Hmm. I didn’t have that much trouble with BoF3. Most likely because I played with a guide. : ) Besides, I kept switching my characters, making sure they were all properly leveled up.
The only thing that annoyed me was fishing. Never could catch all the fish.
In general, BoF3 is one of my all-time favorite games.

I didn’t like Bof4 that much… maybe because it gets darker in some parts. I can’t really explain without giving things away, but let’s say I wasn’t happy with the fate of some characters, both good and evil.

Other than that, it’s pretty much the same as III. Still has that “anime look”. Systems are similar (Faerie village, Fishing, etc.) Dragon Form System is different.
The Masters get more demanding on what they want you to do in exchange to teach you- it’s not just leveling up. Each one has his or her own system.

In my opinion, you’ll like (and hate) the same things you did in 3. If you don’t mind the darker parts, you should enjoy it too.

I liked 3, but I thought that 4 was much better. The only thing I didn’t like about BoF4 was the world map (it is one of those point to point maps on a real map). If not, you can probably find it dirt cheap so if you don’t like it, you probably won’t waste much money. It is good though, just get it.

I like the dragon gene system in BoF3 much more then the dragon sytems in the other Breath of Fire games. It allowed much more customization and variety in dragon forms.

Only big complaint about BoF3 is that the character’s weaknesses were over-emphasized. Garr was meant to be slow, so he was was slow as MUD. Momo’s accuracy was meant to be bad, so she missed ALL the time. Nina was supposed to be fragile, so she always crumpled like a paper cup in battles. I would have like to have seen a little more well rounded characters…

By the way, my party is currently Ryu, Rei and Momo. I gave Momo Deis and Mygas as masters, and she knows a wide array of magic spells (making her at least as useful as Nina). Rei uses Weretiger liberally, thanks to influence, and Ryu is… well… Ryu…


I really don’t know what you mean about BoF 3 :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, I thought that it was pretty easy to level up (There were some pretty easy places to level throughout the whole game, I thought), and most of the fights were really easy, save for a few dungeons in the first half of the game, and some of the end bosses. The way the game is, anyways, is similar to Dragon Warrior in the way that ‘you’re at the right level if you can afford the best stuff’ sort of thing. I dunno, I just never was short on Zenny the entire game. In fact, when you pass by the Junk City for the first time, I bought that radical sword that you can buy for Ryu, that you’re not supposed to get til WAAAAAAY later in the game. I still had plenty money for everyone else’s equipment. That’s how much money I had :stuck_out_tongue:

And I also thought the master system was good; you just make sure to use the masters around where you are, and you get a lot of nice stuff without having to travel much. It’s not like you really can’t just start training under someone again later :stuck_out_tongue: Also, traveling in that game was pretty quick half the time, cos there’s not a lot of dungeons you have to walk your ass through just to get everywhere. Such a thing is even mitigated far more after you start using teleporters :smiley:

Lastly, I never had that ‘leave characters in the dust’ problem lke you had with say, Momo, for example, cos I leveled up everyone, except Peco, who is absolutely useless the entire game until he’s at absurdly high levels, and you never need his action for anything imparitive to the story; besides, it helps later in the game when there are those apprentices with ABSURD level up drawbacks like Ladon :open_mouth: HP/MP - 6? Jesus godlord :open_mouth:

Oh well though…BoF3 is one of my favorites in the series, so I guess we’ll just have our difference of opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, to answer your question…I’m really not sure if you’d like BoF4. In my opinion, it goes back to the somewhat mediocre feel of the SNES games. It’s better in a lot of ways, but I still think that every aspect in the game is lacking; it’s like a step down from BoF3 in a lot of ways.

Where to start, though? Let’s start from the ground up…

Graphics: This almost looks like a Sega version of BoF :open_mouth: It’s a lot less colorful, and cartoon-like. The animation is a lot worse, and the game just feels a lot slower and boring because of it. It always kinda feels like it’s cloudy wherever you go…or it did for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Music: Yoshino Aoki, one of the BoF3 composers, worked on this. He’s obviously not the one who decided to make BoF3 all jazz n’ funked out, which I REALLY liked. Most people don’t like it though, so maybe you’d like this music better. I was personally a fan of then juccuzi jazz/funk of BoF3, because it made really great ambience. I hate normal ambient music; I like to hear melody. This music is nice, cos it has a melody, AND it’s ‘just chillin’ music :smiley: BoF4? That has a kind of psuedo orchestral feel to it. It’s not nearly as well pulled off as someone who normally does Orchestral music normally does, like, say, Sugiyama (Dragon Warrior), or Sakimoto (Ogre Battle games, Vagrant Story). So, overall, it wasn’t really BAD music, but it was mediocre, and a personal letdown for me.

Story: The story is kind of neat. There are a few twists and developments about it that I like. I personally feel, though, that the character interaction between all characters was not too well. I think BoF3 did a good job with character interaction, and the first half of the game was charming, with the “Little Kids Going On An Adventure” premise. This game really doesn’t have that. It’s not too bad, really, but it’s a step down from BoF3. What REALLY makes some of the story dumb is the FETCH quests. In BoF3 the fetch quests were relevant. For example: You need to get a boat, so you gotta fix the lighthouse, you gotta take care of the monster for the fairies (So they leave the lights on), and all that rot. Here’s a REAL BoF4 Sidequest: “I know where (the main villain) went, I saw him go by. But, if you wanna know, you have to go FETCH MY CHICKENS! THEY ESCAPED AND THEY’RE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FATE OF THE WORLD! NOW SET FORTH!” Just…ugh. Reeeeeetarded.

Gameplay: Absolutely, the WORST part of this game :open_mouth: For one, the masters system requires a stupid task out of just about ALL masters (All the ones I found anyways), and that’s something I really didn’t like about BoF3. They normally weren’t too annoying though. I can’t even remember the tasks I was supposed to do for BoF4, cos they just sounded so annoying that I didn’t care to do it. The fishing is really just not NEARLY as cool as BoF3. I don’t really know how to explain it, just…bleh. It’s aggrivating. The fighting has really gone down in fun…the Dragon System really isn’t as cool as the Gene System of BoF3. IfI remember correctly, it’s just ‘pick a dragon and voila’ like the older games. I honestly don’t remember though :stuck_out_tongue: The dragons were all like, retardedly strong too, which made everything kinda easy. There’s a combo system in battle, which is kind of annoying. Basically, to do some of the stronger spells, you have to use different spells in succession (Like a strong ice spell and a strong some-other kinda spell makes Myollnir, I forgot the silly combinations, they were just dumb :P), and it’s really just more annoying than anything. I’d rather just learn the damn spells. You can use all six characters at once in a battle, which is pretty nice, but it really doesn’t add to the fun factor any, I think. And, the worst thing about the gameplay, is just how easy it is, but how infuriating it is at the same time. Example: The battle system in this game is random encounter…and I like to call it the ‘inconvenient random encounter system’. This isbecause, it seems you only get into fights RIGHT as you enter a place, RIGHT before you leave, RIGHT before you enter a room, open the chest, talk to the guy, hit the switch, fight the boss, etc. In any case, I got so fucking sick of this at one point in the game, that I just started running away from every fight. By the end of the game, the enemies could kill me pretty easily (Like 2-3 hits even), but, I was able to manage to get through the last dungeon and beat the game. I was at like, early level 30’s. I got on the net and read a faq, and found out that I was almost 15 levels behind the reccomended level for beating the game. That, is just, dumb. You shouldn’t be able to do that so easily in a game with such a linear combat system. Maybe I place too much of an emphasis on diffuculty in games, but I mean, SERIOUSLY. Can’t a game be just TOO damn easy that it’s stupid? Oh, and tag-on-the-extra-point, the world map is a dot-to-dot map and really slow to move around on. It’s annoying as all hell.

Now uh, you can go ahead and play it, if you WANT, but really. I just don’t understand the point. It’s not as bad as the SNES ones, but it’s just so much worse than BoF3. If you ask me, my verdict would be: Save your time, dish out a measly 20 bucks to play BoF: Dragon Quarter, which not only blows all the other BoF games clear to hell in EVERY aspect, but it’s also definitely the best PS2 RPG this year overall. Hell, it might be THE best RPG this year. And that’s all I have to say, about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

SG, you and me seem to be opposites. It sounds like I’ll bloody LOVE BoF4 (I adored the SNES ones, among other points you mentioned).

Ah well, thanks everybody. I appreciate the input.

Actually, BoF4 had beautiful animation. There were enough frames so every action was smooth.

I thought the BoF4 masters were fine since they have requirements like “Create a 30 hit combo” or “Deal 3000 damage with a combo” or “Be at Angler fishing rank.”

Here’s a REAL BoF4 Sidequest: “I know where (the main villain) went, I saw him go by. But, if you wanna know, you have to go FETCH MY CHICKENS! THEY ESCAPED AND THEY’RE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FATE OF THE WORLD! NOW SET FORTH!” Just…ugh. Reeeeeetarded.

Sadly, he’s not kidding. You actually do have to catch chickens to progress at one point.

I think BoF3’s gene system was MUCH better than BoF4’s dragon system. In BoF4 you pick a dragon and…DON’T BECOME A DRAGON! ARFHGAHKGAOURGW. Instead you become something like BoF3’s dragon warrior and can summon a dragon to do a breath attack. And when you gain a certain amount of points from minigames, the next dragon you use in combat will be upgraded.

I liked them both, but I thought 4 was kind of meh. It had neat little toys, but I enjoyed playing BoF3 again more than I did 4 since I autoattacked through almost all of 4

I have to agree with SG. 4 was alright but you should just go straight to Dragon Quarter. It was a really great game and it’s incredibly cheap now (I got mine for 15 dollars).

Well RPT, don’t expect them to be like the SNES BoF games, they really aren’t much like them. But, on the other hand, if you enjoy BoF4, then more power to ya :smiley: I hope you have a good time with it.

I still think you should play Dragon Quarter though, I don’t see how it’s possible not to like it, so don’t forget to buy it sometime damnit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, this thread was really informative. I’ve been thinking about trying a different BoF game recently.

Originally posted by Skankin’ Garbage
Here’s a REAL BoF4 Sidequest: “I know where (the main villain) went, I saw him go by. But, if you wanna know, you have to go FETCH MY CHICKENS! THEY ESCAPED AND THEY’RE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FATE OF THE WORLD! NOW SET FORTH!”

How about… the FEEDMEFEEDMEFEEDME-game and I’ll tell you where you find this and that, and even then, you had to do another “game” to get this and that…

And what was with those sandflier-scenes anyway? No sense et al… unless there was some great secret there too --;

Well… I guess SG summed up everything i hated about BoF3…

As for BoF4,

Yeah well, the story is pretty cool and so are the characters (Except for Shias… he’s pretty useful though…)… besides that… you, like most players, will be possessed by the drive to make ryu stronger than fou-lu…

The game is more or less enjoyable witlh all its annoying/sometimes entertaining mini-games (I am just grateful they didnt make Fou-Lu, the God Emperor, chase chickens)

The masters system is a pain…

All in all… tis a good game…

EDIT: If you ever get pissed trying to upgrade the dragons, you can always take out your frustrations on the faeries…

(I killed about a dozen when i went crazy tryin to gain control of kaizer…)

BoF 5 was awesomeness. :yipee:

Originally posted by Mabatsekker
[b]How about… the FEEDMEFEEDMEFEEDME-game and I’ll tell you where you find this and that, and even then, you had to do another “game” to get this and that…

And what was with those sandflier-scenes anyway? No sense et al… unless there was some great secret there too --; [/b]

You can get a dragon if you jump over a wall in one of the sandflier parts. Like a dragon summon, not a morph. It’s still important because you need them all to control the Kaiser.

I completed BoFIV and I am currently playing III. I’d recommend IV. It’s got it’s pros and cons…it’s better than III in some aspects and not as good in others. Like dragon system isn’t as good in IV. But the ability to have all your characters is better. I liked IV and III has been ok so far. It really started off slow and I was losing interest…am just glad Ryu is grown up now.